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Modification Bug Spreading...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Haysey, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    Ive been browsing these forums for a few months now as I bought a Suzuki GSF250V bandit back in about August, mainly because parking for the car at work doubled to $20 odd a day(free on a bike), loving it, ride rain hail or shine but still picking up much there is to be learnt...

    Now im wondering you guys with highly modified bikes do you only do bikes? have you done cars in your younger years? what do you drive (if at all?)
    Im wondering if it spreads from two wheels to four?

    I had a higly modified skyline when i bought my bike but now I drive (and slowly modify) my Audi S4, id love to mod my bike but im only going to hold onto it untill december when I jump on an 05-06 Gixer 1000...

    Ive figured that once i have a quick bike i wont want to mod my car as much as the bike is cheaper, more fun, more reliable, etc etc and just use the car to commite/long trips/family on board.....

    Thanks all, looking forward to catching up with some of the Sydney people soon!

  2. Welcome Haysey. Never been into sportscars myself but quite a few friends of mine are.. I'm working on converting them to the truth faith :LOL:

    As for mods.. I never touched my car (not even to clean it) but I've lightly modded my bike (see my garage page if you want details).. but I've finished the mods now :)
  3. yo G,
    fully sick cuz.
    nah fully.

    later home-ee
  4. Anyone know of any good recources that show available mods for bikes? id like to mod my bike, but wouldnt know where to start!


    P.s: Welcome to Netrider!!
  5. Yeah... check the garage page! You can sort by 'most mods'.
  6. had 4 side draft carbies on the ol datto 120y and took the muffler off and chucked on a hot dog!.. was a beast, so fast bout 1..120ks

    Done all the mods i can get away with on the R31 before AAMI will no longer insure it.
    full exhaust form the head back.
    auto to manual
    14' to 16's
    full stereo (i took out cuz it was sending me deaf, lost half the hearing in my
    left ear from the sub)
    dual flux capacitors
    multi channel warp cores and naquida generator.
  7. hahaha im not into fully sick chromies, all of the mods on the line were pretty much performance based, it was pumping out 230rwkw on 18psi, not bad for a 2L!!! i was looking at getting into drifting for a while there but its too expensive unless you have some big sponsorship! plus she was an everyday driver!

    BRK - thats a good idea, im just reading everything i can on the forums still.. Thanks!

    Phizog, so much pride in your bike but none in your car? why so?
  8. i got it Phiz!

    'cause cars are ghey!
  9. 8316-1988-Mazda-626.

    White mazda 626.. 1990.. auto.. hasn't been cleaned for a good 3 years.. Suspension has needed reconditioning for a long while.. It has that pimp car jumping up and down thing but not intentional, its just constant :grin:
  10. Bahahahahaha

    ok fair enough, a 626 in need of some new shocks.... i getcha!

    ok how many kms a week do you do on the bike compared to the car?

    and when do you use the car?
  11. I'll mod a bike the same way I'll mod a car - with subtlety. I like to keep a vehicle looking stock but if I can improve performance without any major detrimental affect on reliability I will. Currently have an 86 Alfa Romeo 33Ti which has a host of factory fitted performance parts (suspension, camshaft, twin dual-throat webbers, high compression head, extractors) as well as a modified air intake and exhaust.
    I also have a SW20 Toyota MR2 with an engine that is stock (but virtually every part has been replaced with new) - currently looking at upgrading the brakes and shocks simply because they could do with replacing anyway. Prior to that I use to have a Sigma Wagon with a modified exhaust and suspension :LOL: - I've also worked on Minis and VW Beetles (which is how I learned to work on cars).

    With my current bike I'll probably just stick to making sure everything's in perfect condition rather than worry too much about trying to do any performance mods - may look at braided lines at some point in the future (though they're a lot more expensive to buy for an anti-dive system). If I get really bored I might look at respraying it. Sometime in the near future I also hope to build a cafe racer of some description, which should involve a fair amount of modification (though more for looks than anything else).