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Modern medicine is so much better!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by peter-reebok, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Had a knee Arthroscope on Wed afternoon.
    I have had about a dozen ops on my knees courtesy of a bike meeting truck incident about 23 yrs ago. The truck won!.

    Had the op at 1:30, was home before 6, and today I am walking around without crutches, maybe hobbling is a better word. But I am mobile, in minimal pain.

    Years ago, this was a 3 day in hospital affair!.

    3 Cheers for medical science! The next op is a replacement, that may be a bit more painful!.
  2. LOL just went for a ride through the hills.

    Cant weight the right peg through corners, and getting on/off was difficult, but, it was a blast!.

    Now for some ice, and some painkillers!.
    My missus reckons I have lost it!
  3. Awesome Peter!!!

    never would have thought it was possible, you must have a high pain tolerance

    how is the pain killers kicking in??

  4. Just goes to show, doesn't it. The best thing about the "good old days" is that they are over.
  5. * Post removed. Wrong thread * :oops:
  6. Kishy, what does that stuff mean?
  7. I get it now. You meant to put it in the insults thread.
  8. LOL Holy shit..

    Wrong thread. Shit happens when you dont log in regularly :LOL:

    Apologies to OP.. & no I wasent referring to yo mama :oops: :p