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Modern Cruisers...

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Noddy78, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Hey all, currently fanging around on my Virago 250 and dreaming about the bike I'll get when off my restrictions, but having a bit of trouble finding what I'm after. I love the look of the new Victory Hammers, nice modern take on the cruiser thang.. BUT, it's nearly $30K... not going to happen.



    Soo.. the closest alternative I've found is the Kawasaki VN900 custom... BUT I hate the wheels, the front wheel is too damn skinny, and the back wheel is too solid, makes it look like it's got a huge arse, and that's no good...



    Which then led me onto the Yamaha XVS950 that's coming out here this month.. BUT it's starting to lose that modern look I like about the others...



    So, question is, does anyone else have any other ideas? Models that suit that style I'm after that I don't know about?

    Cheers guys.
  2. Have you considered the Suzuki cruisers?






    and of course the M109

  3. Had a look at them, but like the XVS950 they're getting back into 'classic' cruiser territory, especially in the rear. I really love that cafe racer sort of rear on the Hammer, really don't like those kicked up/flared rear guard on most other cruisers. The M50 is close, but the arse spoils it for me. Stick the m109 back end on it and we'd almost have a winner... m90 and the 109 are dang ugly at the front though... and probably a bit big for my tastes... picky bugger ain't I?
  4. I do understand what you mean about the rear guard - I have been tempted to buy a C50 rear guard for my M50 :)

    The XVS950 looks cools, as does the VN900 SE.


    As with all things, it depends on your budget - with an unlimited budget, I'd go the Nightster V-Rod :p
  5. Hell, unlimited budget I'd go the Hammer in a heart beat. But yeah, the night/v-rod look is cool too, it's that kind of vibe I'm after, just can't really justify spending 30 grand on it...
  6. Have to agree about the front end of the 109, don't particularly like the headlight cone on it.
    Have you thought about buying something reliable and customising to your tastes (guess it depends on budget), because you haven't mentioned engine size and you're not committed to a particular brand.
    I'm can see you have a particular look you're after and maybe doing it yourself is the best way to get what exactly what you want.
    And don't forget the Honda range of cruisers either (but as a Shadow owner I'm biased)
    Good luck with it
  7. Yeah, I want something around the 1000cc mark, I think that'll suit me for the next bike, and no, not particularly into one brand over another. The VT750C2 doesn't look too bad, still a little 'classic' though and perhaps a touch underpowered? Customising maybe the way to go, but I wouldn't know where to start...? Though I imagine there are a few sites around for the budding customiser to learn about these things?
  8. Sure. Start with http://www.savingsloans.com.au/
  9. Victory do make lovely looking cruisers. I'd go the M109 though, at least it has some pretension to performance.
  10. You're a fussy bastard.

    The Victory is expensive, but has 20 or 30k service intervals! :shock:
  11. Yup, I am a fussy bastard...

    It's a cruiser, not overly fussed with pretensions of 'performance', though the 109 is slowly winning me over, that headlight cover though.. blerghh.. is it removable? And I'm not sure about 1800cc's.. seems like a hell of a lot of motorbike...

    Whaddya reckon would be involved in putting decent wheels on the vn900?

    Dang that Victory still makes my pants tight though...
  12. There's also the C109R too, which has a more traditional look.


    I think that changing wheels on the VN900 will get $$$ - just my 20c.
  13. I'll be the stupid voice in your ear.

    Buy the Victory. Life is too short to fcuk around with stuff you don't want to buy. Go through YMF or someone who has 4.5% interest rate. Work out what the repayments are and quit smoking, or a few beers to enjoy the bike.
  14. which is what, about $90 a week, on top of insurance, on top of running costs? Some people can't afford that :(
  15. True, if you're at uni or have kids things get tricky. But in many circumstances it'd be doable. Doooooooooooooooooooooo it.
  16. I'm in the same boat as you Noddy78. Got a Virago and looking to u/g in July.

    The bikes I am considering (that haven't already been raised) are:

    Kawasaki VN1600 Meanstreak - better look than the VN900, although i think have just been discontinued

    Harley Vrod Muscle - plain sexy modern look, but about $10k more than the competition. (RRP about $25k) If you are looking at Victory, this is probably worth a look.

    Will be keen to know what you end up choosing!
  17. I also like the meanstreak!

  18. Your reason for not liking the VN900 Custom is exactly the reason I got mine, I love the larger and thinner front wheel and the fatter smaller rear wheel.

    Give the VN900 a test ride. I originally wanted the Mean Streak but no-one had one to test ride.
  19. Yeah, now we're talking! The meanstreak is great, very much the style of thing I'm after... could be a real contender... Cheers!
  20. Have a look at the Suzuki M90
    mid way between the M50 and M109
    I have an M50 which i love but bought for commuteing and touring
    so wanted something a little easier to handel and insure.
    now have a scooter to comute so want something bigger and the M 90 fits the bill.
    comes in electric blue and feels about the same as the m50 stationary
    also puts you right in the 1500 cc zone of cruisers.
    Or you can buy my M50 :grin: