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Moderator down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dale, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. This is copied from another forum.........

    Hi All,

    Well today started with a pretty heart stopping arrival at work. Heading south on the nepean highway about to do my U-ey to come into my office carpark, I saw a tow truck with a red storm perched (on wheels) on it's tray. "OH SHYTE" i thought to myself as i trundled into my parking spot right next to the ambulance.

    I have just been speaking with his wife out the front and...

    Turns out that Mouth was lane splitting some stationery traffic just near south road when some lady decided that she needed to be in the lane next to her. She nosed out, Mouth swerved to avoid her but ran out of swerving room and hit the stationary car on the other side of him. He is fine - thankfully - but the ambo's are just checking out an old leg injury that he had earlier this year. The bike is a little worse for wear though, the front end if pretty screwed, forks will need replacing and the head stem will require some attention.
  2. Glad he's ok, hope the leg is fine. Looks like he's about to get shiny new bits for his bike though :p
  3. sorry to hear, glad there was no major damage to jas though, best wishes and hopefully and hopefully you get the bike sorted quickly.
  4. Poor bugger...

    Why is it always old ladies? Maybe they smoke some funny stuff before they go out in their cars ?

    Get better, then get even, Mouth!

  5. Jeezaz !!
    Paint's just dry from the last one :cry:
    Good to hear he's ok though :D
  6. OOOO! no good :(

    Hope all gets better soon (Leg and Bike)

  7. eeep! :shock:

    sorry to hear mouth :?
  8. Sorry to hear this, Jason, I hope things are fixed up quickly, both your bumps and aches, and also the bike.
  9. hope you pull up OK Jase.
  10. Poor Jase and more poor Sarah at the moment
    At least he is fine and his leg's not the worse for wear.
    Stop annoying old ladies Jase!
  11. Hope there's nothing too serious wrong with you Mouth. Bikes can be fixed..
  12. Jeeezuz Jase, glad to hear you are OK.
    I guess the bike will be off the road for a bit which is a bummer but these things can be fixed.
    Was this this morning or yesterday morning?
  13. *Bites tongue*

    :LOL: :LOL:
  14. It was this morning Flipper.
  15. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I'm glad to hear you're OK Jason. Here's to a complete and speedy fix up of body and bike.

    :D :D :D
  16. Glad to hear you're okay, Jase.

    When the bike gets fixed, just make sure they fit the Gatling gun, ok? :LOL:
  17. Glad you are ok Jase, hope to see the bike bike back on the road ASAP.
  18. Bugger Jas, I hope you are okay.

  19. That's no good - hope you and the bike have a speedy recovery Jase