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Modem Operandi

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fuzzy, May 1, 2007.

  1. Just a quick question :grin:

    When you shutdown your computer, or if you're just not browsing, is it necessary to turn off your modem as well? Or is it OK to leave it running 24/7?

  2. My modem and wireless are running 24/7.

    I shut my lappy down every night though.

    Shouldn't cause any problems :)
  3. Assuming dial up modem.


    we have modems here at work operating 24/7 as dial in connections.....

    doen't damage them or your PC at all,
  4. No, sorry should've said, it's broadband but I always shut the com down at night and have noticed the lights on the modem keep flashing away.

    I'm not very pc savvy when it comes to the technical side of it, unfortunately :roll:

    Thanks :grin:
  5. it's fine... i have ADSL modems running constantly.. no matter is PC's are on or not.... why are you worried...they are meant to to do this.
  6. It's fine, Fuzzy.

    Unless your PC is on, there's no/bugger-all net-traffic via the modem - even if the lights are flashing.

    Ours gets left on [mind you, so do our computers] 24/7.
  7. OK, thanks guys.

    Drew - I know that's what they're meant to do while I'm on the internet, it just seemed strange that the lights were working away, even when the com was off which made me think that there was still some kind of mysterious connection which could be costing me download space and money.

    Then, my daughter comes home and states that her friend always turns off their modem, and I'm thinking 'great...this is probably a stupid thing I am doing' so that's why I asked.

    Told you I wasn't very savvy :wink:
  8. you don't hafta turn it off .. broadband is considered an "always on" technology. If you wanna save a tiny bit of electricity, go ahead, but there's no real reason to turn it off technically.