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Modelling agency interested in my daughter - scam?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Hey all. Last week whilst in Chadstone my 13yr old daughter (at my insistence and her embarrassment) got her photo taken for a modelling competition with Bettina Management.

    I just got a phone call from them saying that she wasn't the winner but was shortlisted as they 'liked her look' and the girl who took her photo had positive things to say about her.

    She said they'd like for middlest to go in and have an interview so they can get an idea of whether she's okay with this and mature enough to understand what's involved etc.

    I was immediately suspicious - asked them what costs were involved. She said none. It's just an interview and a chance for them to take further photos of her.

    I asked again - what costs are involved should they 'decide she's right for them'.

    She said three hundred and something dollars which covers the photo shoot.

    I asked whether she'd phoned every person who got their photo taken for the competition. She said no - that would mean making like 800 phone calls. She said the girl who took her photo left good comments abt middlest and that they've reviewed her photo and think she's pretty.

    So anyway, I succumbed.. I've made an appt. for next Thursday. I'm just wary of it all because they're playing with a 13 yr old girl here. :?

    I did check their website and they seem reputable...but that means nothing...it's their website.

    Has anyone heard any stories about these modelling agencies? Is it just a money grab? Take kids photos under the mask of a competition and then ring them all a week later saying they've been shortlisted...take the money and parents never hear from them again? :?
  2. Firstly let me say:


    Secondly, I haven't heard any horror stories about modelling agencies, but if they're anything like those glamour photography places then you might want to go in there with a padlock on your checkbook. They tell you it's $XXX, but then if you pay just a little more then we can do this for you, and just a little more and we can do that for you... oh, and we didn't tell you that you have to pay for the make up we used on you?? Oh, must've slipped our minds...

    Definitely go for it (if your daughter is keen), but just keep your wits about you...
  3. It seems to be doing the rounds Rosie, Cat, a friend of mine in Traralgon was telling me the exact same story 2 weeks ago, similar circumstances to yours, single mum, pretty teen daughter (Emma is 14 i think) they were told mostly for add campain flyer things (kmart, Big W).

    "just pay $XX for the shoot and no obligation"

    well Derrr, they charge 3 or 4 hundred bucks for "profesional" pics that probably cost them $20.

    If you want some nice pics of the Buds go for it but thats all it is IMHO dont expect any modeling out of it.
  4. My daughter has done modelling and yep $300 upfront is pretty much the cost. Ask them for any references and also see their work. I always remind my daughter that if she doesn't get a job it's because they wanted a blonde, short etc look rather than tall with brown hair. :grin:

    daughters hey! Who's have em? :roll:
  5. If they mention anything about a "big sausage pizza," then I'd bail out. ;)
  6. why do they charge you so they can have more talent on their books?

    they should be able to take initial photos at practically no cost and then take commissions on the jobs they get you (which they'll do anyway).

    Do they hire some big rep consultant photographer? I'd be asking why they can't take photos cheaper than $300? and what guarantees they will provide as you may never see a return on that money.
  7. I doubt that I've mentioned this before, but I used to be a model and I just want to say I had some very bad experiences, when I was young, & beautiful, I was traveling Europe and very accidentally became a model, it was there I was seduced by the glitz and the glamour.
    Unfortunately being a naive boy with a beautiful body commanded no respect, in fact after many an extravagant party I found my self waking up on floors in unknown hotel rooms with my pants around my ankles and my testicles all bruised, I couldn’t go on letting people take advantage of my supple young flesh so I quit.

  8. Well..that explains the Harley then.........
  9. Rosie let me put it to you like this if your daughter had the look they were after they would be banging your door down offering you a deal to sign with their agency.
    I bet you go to the interview and for some $$ they will organise a photo shot then for more $$ they will do a portfolio then more $$ they will put her on their books and Blah Blah. Its not totally a scam because there is a remote chance she may get work from it but these agencies make a lot of money from this and not many get any work, If you ask me they are scumbags and they will build your daughter up and you will be in a horrible no win position i.e. dont pay and your daughter will be upset as you have spoiled her big chance do pay and your daughter will be waiting for months and probably get nothing form it and she will be very disappointed.
  10. So a couple more pics, and a bit of chatter about how she has so much potential, then $1000 bucks for a full folio, and a little more chatter about the sky is the limit don't let any one hold you back, and then $3000 for the folio with the world renowned photographer, and you say no, and you havea daughter who is left believing you don't love her because you won't let her realise her potential...

    The emotional game is the game they play. My sister was put through it, she was prety realistic in the end so it didn't cost her mum to much, but that was the storey there.
  11. My partner took our baby girl for a photo shoot with this very organisation. If I had known I would have told her, that she would pay her $300 odd $s and never hear from them again. And I would have been right.
    They ARE a legit model agency, and they DO use some of the people they photograph (about 10%), but most will just be contributing to their cash flow via the photo scam.
    Here an idea: Go to the interview but decline to pay for the shots (before they are done), and if they REALLY want to use your daughter, maybe they will come back with an offer to shoot for free!
  12. Speaking from experience, tell them you have a friend who is a professional photographer and you will get your own folio done, then see if they are still interested. If they are its serious, otherwise ditch the pricks. You only need a really basic couple of photos for them to get you a job, then you build a portfolio from those jobs.
  13. I think I have a Kodak disposable camera with the little flash button you hold down for 18 seconds until it charges, with about 4 shots left on it - I'd be happy to post it down so you can do the shoot yourself, Rosie :grin:

    I would ask to see examples of their photo shoot first.

    A friend if mine's room-mate paid herself for a glamour photography session, she paid $1000 for it :eek: but dead-set: they're worth it. She looks fantastic in them... like, she's sorta cute I spose - but these photos are like "Dayamn! :shock:"

    So if their shots are good, and you get copies: I say do it.

    You both only live once, and you'll get some nice photos of your daughter.

    ... then make your ex pay for it :p
  14. I was a child model myself (as well as my brother), and i remember agencies and fees and stuff (all that mum took care of), but i got a bit of work, enough to buy my first car and then some (when i got old enough of course).

    But i do remember having go to the agency and do some photo's now and then to update my look and stuff... so its quite possible they are legit... maybe ask around at the shoot, some of the other parents may have some info...

    Things you have to be looking at;
    - mainly travel, or as they say "location, location, location"... if you are too far or maybe hesitant to travel to the shoots, as many of mine were close or in the city, then she may not get as much work.
    - also pulling her out of school, as i did (and loved it as a kid ;) ) have to leave during school hours, as when do people work? during the day, photographers and teachers alike, unless there is a specific shot they need.
    - what extent you're willing to go, and her for that matter, i remember doing a shoot for summer clothes... in the middle of winter... on a beach... in the rain.... that will beat any icylce ride :p and I got an umbrella and a towel when the camera wasn't pointed at me, but otherwise my skin was left to defend itself.

    Hope this helps, anything you need to know in specific i can ask mum too as she'd remember more than i

    Ahhh... as a teenage boy i still remember doing an underwear shoot, and watching Jo Bailey ( :? I think, it was one of the Sale of the Century hostess's around that time), strip down to do a shoot just after me.... :drools:
  15. I had someone come up to me one day in the student union building at uni. They gave me a card and asked me to go for an interview. I ended up going for the interview, but after a couple of days, they called back and said I was too big for them (I was 6' and like a rake, so they could screw themselves :LOL: ). They were legit....nice office, no mention of money, took some basic photos, asked my measurements (just a rough idea) and that was about it.
  16. My Ma's best friend has a 21 year old son. About a year ago he was picking up his then girlfriend from a shoot, at the modelling agency she worked for and was just sitting around in the agency's foyer waiting for her to finish. He was "discovered" :roses: and they asked him to do a portfolio for about 500 bananas. He bit and from that folio, has now done a few gigs all paying around 2-2500$ :grin: a pop, all for a days work :shock:

    I would take a serious vested interest in these people's intentions around your baby Rosie and just take it step at a time. They can be pretty good bullshit artisits :jerk: but ultimately 300 odd bananas if nothing comes to fruition and worse case scenario, if it all ends there, will be a fantastic boost for your daughters self confidence :dance: and some lovely professional pics.
  17. NAH, forget it.

    It is a scam.

    Sure Bettina Liano is a modeling agency yadda yadda yadda, they are all ferral arseholes that prey on parent and their gullibility (<--is that a word??)

    Same deal with us, "we are interested in your youngest, she's got the look" so the finance dept. decides to toss $300 at this agency, not Bettina but one similar, take her down for a shoot.

    In x weeks, you can go to this studio in Mitcham, they will have their books updated, you can see your girl's pic in it.

    Turn up after x weeks, no photography studio there anymore, closed, gone.

    Resign to the fact that the finance dept. got dudded.

    A number of years back, I too was a model, no really :LOL: answered an ad that was seeking extras for movies, go see them, the girls nearly jumped me there and then.

    "You have the look" I'm told, yeah I know, I'm gorgeous I tell them :p
    They wanted me for a part in Stingers (awesome show)
    They wanted $135 for a folio of pics. Told them I was a photographer and had contacts, no need for them to shoot them, I'll get them shot and come back with them.
    "OK" was the response I got. Did all that got them the pics, yadda yadda.

    Months go by, no news, nothing.

    Then, someone from their agency send out a global email to everyone on their books.

    I replied to "all" with "tell me this isn't a scam?" then I got a wave of emails from many disgruntled hopefuls.

    One thing led to another, I got ACA and TT involved, which scored the agency lots of bad publicity.

    The owner phoned me and begged me to drop any plans that I had to "air our frustrations" told him no, I was going to pursue it for myself and all of the other hopefuls. Then threatened to sue me because I was about to ruin his reputation/business.

    Then there was an email circulated by the owner of the studio that stated due to ME :grin: he had no option but to close his office and his business.

    Long story, that was the short version.

    I single keyboardedly :) shut down his shonky operation :grin:
  18. Yeah - not sure what to do. After reading many of the comments here, I don't want to take her near them...plus I've been reading testimonials from parents and kids who've got work through them. Some of the parents letters are rank...read some of them and you'll know what I mean. I'm not like that - I'd rather not tell her about this 'offer' (she's on school camp atm) and life can continue to go on merry as can be...but on the other hand, I don't like not telling her as she'll be wondering about how she went...i know she will.

    But.. I think she'd totally enjoy having her photos done and I think she's old enough to understand that it may be a money grabbing scam - BUT - I don't like the idea of her wondering/waiting for that phone call that may never come.

    Meh - will think about it some more. :)

    Ta for your thoughts/opinions

    Pete - :LOL: I'm not posting pics of her, but not only is she pretty (she's broken boys hearts since kinda), she's a beautiful, thoughtful, kind-hearted person too... Makes me very proud. :)

    Booga - :worthlesspics:

    Vic - I have faint memories of a story like that. :shock: Stingers eh? I would've cast you as a bad egg -

  19. You should be very proud Rosie, you have done a wonderful job with your girls, they are great kids :grin:

    Hmm, must be middle child syndrome, my middle one is the sensitive/caring/compassionate one too :-k
  20. If its free, then by all means have a go.

    If it involves you forking money out, tell me to go jump.

    This is one of the biggest scams going. In no way am I talking about your daughter,
    but these people talk shit & lead you to believe them and thats how they con you into
    handing your money over.

    Once you do, you wont hear from them again.

    If the subject is as brilliant as they have you believe, they'd do it for nothing knowing
    that they will more than make that money back in fees for all the shoots that the
    subject will be getting.