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Modding the ZZR

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by darklightBoy, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. Project One - Rear Indicators

    I've wanted to move the indicators to the flush mount position, rather than the ugly looking stalks since the day I got the bike. Today I finally decided I'd get onto it. Can't be too hard after all. Well, what did I get myself in for? A note to anyone who wants to start modding their own bike - WORK OUT EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE DOING FIRST! :LOL:

    Before photo:

    Basically, I winged it. Didn't think about how I'd do things, what I'd need. So first step, unscrew the painted lenses from either side of the tail light, and get to sanding the paint off. This is by far the most painful part of the job. 4 hours in total, with some 600 grade wet'n'dry, as to avoid scratching. I read some old posts that said you can get the lenses unpainted from places, but I decided to do it the difficult way :p Once they're all sanded back, give them a polish and put them aside.

    Step two involved removing the pillion grab rail and ducktail fairings. They get in the way, plus you need access to the mounting points which are attatched to them. I then took the screws off the covers of the indicator stalks, looked at the inside and thought how the f%^k am I going to do this? Being about 6.30 on a Sunday arvo there wasn't anywhere open to get anything in the way of wiring holders or globe mounts. Not to be deterred, I unscrewed the indicator stalks, cut the wiring to get them off the bike, and completely dismantled them. Much head scratching ensued, again.

    Mounting the globes themselves was the easy part. Small drill bit, a couple of holes and two screws had them securely mounted in their new locations. The problem came to actually getting the wires to stay in contact. All sorts of failed ideas (my brother-in-law suggested superglue, which doesn't work), and I ended up with a combination of solder and electrical tape. Possibly not the most permanent solution, but everything's staying in the right place. Bolt everything back on in it's right position, and admire my handiwork:



    No "during" photos, didn't think about posting it till after it was all done. I started about 3 o'clock this afternoon, finally got everything done about 10pm. A lot of trial and error involved, and definitely a gain in knowledge to plan your mods. Now to think about what to do next!
  2. But ... is the bike still legal, for all that effort??? Is there not some regulation about the required distance between indicators???
  3. Unfortunately it wont be legal, and its because of the distance like you said paul. But i have seen a few done and i would be very surprised if he got ant attention because of it..

    Looks much neater, good job .. :cool:
  4. Nice shed full of boxes :LOL: :LOL:
  5. I followed a Z-14 on a ride yesterday and I noticed that when he indicated left the left side of the tail-light changed from red to flashing yellow. That would make the indicators side-by-side in that case :? Surely that's not stock for Kawa, is it?
  6. Can be an annoyance when you go to sell the bike though (ie RWC).

    Good post though, I've got the same thing with the Kat - at some point I'm going to have to ditch the ugly stalk type indicators and get the flush mount rears working the way the designers intended (may be narrower but they're also much higher which IMO makes them far more visible).
    Don't think I'd go the sanding option though - thinking I might try using brake fluid to soften/dissolve the paint (just need to test to make sure it won't harm the plastic lens).

    Edit: Of course if I wouldn't be posting any pics of said illegally modified bike with the rego plate clearly displayed ;).
  7. I'm curious about this - the zzr600 has the indicators flush mounted and it can't be a whole lot wider than the zzr250. If the 250 doesn't make it then the 600 must only just barely scrape in.
  8. Correct Paul, they are an aftermarket tail light..

    On the ZZR600 it was a factory fit, and it would be a fair bit wider. I believe in Japan the 250 has the indicators in the fairing..
  9. Wow....I've opened a can here haven't I. :p

    No, they're not the required distance apart to comply with the ADRs (hence why the stalks were installed in the first place), but that's a choice I've made.

    2wa - thanks :LOL: that's all waiting to be unpacked when I move out of the folks' house again.

    jd - good point re: pic :p of course we don't have the RWC requirement in Tas when selling, only if a vehicle is unregistered for 3 months or more, or some power hungry copper decides to go over your vehicle.
  10. More importantly, who cares? It looks good, leave it as that.

    Fender eliminator next!
  11. On the Kawasaki web site, they have two ZZR pictures. One Blue, One Black. The Blue one has stalks, The Black one is flush mount.............??????????
  12. There will be a reason for the shed full of cardboard.
  13. body parts :shock:
  14. One's a photo of an overseas bike perhaps? Some countries have even tougher regs than here.
  15. body parts :shock:
  16. I too have done that mod, and love the cleaner look.......

    btw, i just went out and measured to check the minimum 180mm ADR rule.....

    between the innermost extremes of each indicator there is 205mm.....so it seems all clear.
  17. Hmm, if it is 180mms then I will definitely be doing this :grin: However, I was under the impression that the lights had to be a certain distance from the Tail/Brake light and not each other, which the the rear of the ZZR does not achieve. Anyway, nice looking work there! :)