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modding my jacket to fit a back protector - where to buy strong velcro?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by daedalus, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. would like to mod my leather jacket so that it fits a back protector. was thinking of using velcro and glue. where would i find ultra strong velcro?

    or any other suggestions?

    i know i can buy a standalone back protector but inbuilt to jacket is more convenient
  2. The back protector will work better if it is attached to you direct, that way it can't move around as much.

    However, if you want to do it, I would get some one to sew in a liner or pocket for it, that would be much better than velcro I reckon.
  3. yea a standalone one is def safer, but this is much more convenient
  4. does the jacket allready have a foam section in the back that comes out?
    because you can buy upgraded armour to fit most brands of bike jackets...including ce 2 rated shaped the size of the original pad to fit.
    first thing i do when i buy a jacket is pull out all the cheap foam pads and fit it out with decent armour.

    but a sewed in pocket would be the go, as mentioned by MV... you'd have to sew in velcro anyway...
  5. no, no protection in the back at all, nor a pocket for a back protector.

    the mesh lining on the inside though is quite soft, and may be weak, hence my initial idea of glueing rather than sewing. will post pics soon

    anyone attempted a similar thing?
  6. Daedalus a sugestion would be to go and have a look at some jackets in the shops with the built in armour. Most have the armour sewn into the mesh with a pocket. This may help you decide how best to go about it.
  7. I got one of these to wear under my jacket which had a very small foam pad for back protection.
    It works very well and fits snugly.
  8. Do they come with breast room?