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Modding: Addictive like heroin

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Haggismaen, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Just thought I would share with you the recent mods I've done on the VTR250. There really should be the equivalent of nicotine patches for this because, once you start it's hard to stop!

    This is the twin headlight kit from Austreetfighter.com.au that I put on today ($200). Went into MCAS in the city to look at indicators and by chance found this screen. The guy was really helpful lending me an allen key so I could see if it fit before I bought it (also gave me a 10% discount on the screen ($140 down to $124), as well as knocking another $6 or so off the total (bought some indicators as well) to take it down to $140, the original price of just the screen itself!). In each of the headlights I have Navra 50+ globes that I picked up cheap at Super Cheap Auto, so this has really increased my light output, something I'm very happy with because I found the VTR250 low beam insufficient.


    Still have to fix it up a bit by sanding down the alternate mounting groove on the screen (which makes it sit and look better). Also I have to tidy up the wires that were previously incased in the headlight, still unsure how I'm going to do that, maybe pack them behind the screen.

    Next, replacing the front indicators (provided I can get the damn things off!), the rear indicators (bought them today) and the mirrors. After that I'll take a look at the footpegs.

    Also, here is a pictorial reminder that you should inspect and clean your tank at least once in a while. Can't believe there was this much stuff in mine (and that's only what fell in the jug).

  2. welll yeah, I love being a mod... the power, the hate, the confusion...

    oh right.
  3. Johnny 5 approves of this motorcycle.

  4. Haha, maybe I'm subconciously harkening back to my childhood where Short Circuit was often in the VCR :p.
  5. I like the head lights :)

    I put similar ones on a fzx I had :)

    Makes it look very retro
  6. I know exactly what your talking about.
    I put some twin lights on my bike a while back, then bars, indicators, bar ends.
    I had to stop, it was hard.

    Anyway i had the same problem with all the extra wires hanging out.
    EASY solution. CUT them all of and throw them away and only ride in the day time, change your user name to CINDERELLA and be home before dark or you become a statistic.

    No actually what I did is pull the tank off and pull the wiring loom through into the frame and cable tye the MOFO. and hide it by putting the tank back on.

    heres a pic


    and just where does you name come from Haggismaen ? your not a nutbag tight scotsman are you ?
  7. Scottish parents, was nicknamed 'Haggis' by schoolmates.

    However some cheeky bastard already snatched it up on these forums :).

    I'll give that a shot. The only other thing I could think of doing is cutting lengths out of the wires, stripping them and resoldering them to make the all more compact.
  8. Do you know anything about bar ends?

    I need info. I badly scratched up mine in a crash. Are they generally universal (I own a late model sports bike, so should be a normallish size?)?

    I've heard the aluminium one's can be too light and upset stability?
    I've seen heavier stainless steel one's, but they don't come in pretty colours.

    They're cheap and very pretty. Cheaper than fixing my scratched fairings anyway.
  9. With bar ends the lighter aluminium ones made my bars vibrate alot and put your hand to sleep. The heavier ones work fine.
    They are pretty universla to the bar size.
    I got blue chrome ones and they are doin the job.
    I got mine from austreetfighter.com.au cost about $60 and they come in all shapes and sizes and pretty colours too.

    get the heavier ones and you shouls be cool. small ones, flat ones and large ones like mine.
  10. Im a mad Scotsman,been here for 4 years, my mates called me haggis and yeah it was taken when i joined which is cool cos I prefer stookie anyway.

    "There are two types of people, those that are scottish and those that wish they were" Quote: My Old man
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  12. The term 'polishing a turd' comes to mind.