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Mod chips for the GT250R ????

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Irideabike, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Just browsing ebay today and notice these 'mod chips' on ebay for bikes, i currently ride a Hyosung GT250R and wouldnt mind the extra power band for $35.00... so basically wanted to know if you guys think this is legit? And more importanlty worth the dollars ?

    Cant post any URL's yet :( but heres the item number on ebay : 190134547666

  2. Well, seeing that the GT250R is a carby based engine. A mod chip on its own will do nuff all without changing the carby jets and tuning (hardly worth it for a 250cc v-twin). This will give you some improvement. But you will get as much as you can from just putting on a sports exhaust.

    Biggest problem with a 250 v-twin is that it is designed to give higher torque, at the expense of top end power. So you will find it will give you a satisfying smooth take off, but acceleration will bleed off very quickly (unlike a 4 pot screemer such as a zx2r or cbr250rr). The sports exhaust will remove some stifling of the power band, but only about 2-3 hp.

    Remember this is a limited capacity and configured bike.

    Overall. Not worth the effort mate!
  3. Ahh cool thanks for the info and quick reply ... I think ill avoid it then :) ... Very tempting to blow money here and there on the bike!
  4. Yeah but you'll need to attach a screen, probably under the screen. Not sure where you'd put the playstation though..
  5. well at least u could convert the lights and igntion butons to OX^P
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  7. thats is a nice link.
    I can testify the standard rims are damm heavy on the GT. I think my mates cbr250 were half the weight of the hyo ones