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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by traveller, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone, after having my bike fixed i was told if not going to be riding it for a few days always turn the fuel tap to off.
    Even though the tap has ON , RES AND OFF on it i cant be sure when im at either of these points silly i know the tap stops and everything at these point but there is a pointy end on the tap and a blunt end, and a fuel sticker on the bike but im a little confused can anybody help me as im not sure where im at at the moment with this.
    Cheers in advance everyone :oops: :? :?

  2. Should be fairly simple to work out, whichever end is pointed towards OFF when the bike will not start and run is the point you should be using to work out what each position does.

    And in other news, youll almost certainly find that the pointy end is the one which indicates position... this is how it is on our lawnmower... no reason it wouldnt be the same on a bike.
  3. the arrow end pointing up is ON, middle way anti-clockways is OFF, and pointing down is RESERVE :D
    if you're still confused, ring me on 0422710353 and i'll try and explain it while you're at your bike.
  4. Hi MattyB
    Just went to the bike to check youre advice thank you for that Mine goes:
    Arrow end pointing up = Res
    Arrow midway anti clock wise = OFF
    Arrow and pointing down = ON
    If i go by the blunt and of the knob then what you said would be right can you understand my confusion? Thanks again MattyB
  5. Traveller I've been riding bikes of all sorts since 1974 and never ever turned off the fuel tap on any of 'em except when I was removing the tank to change plugs... I'm not saying YOU shouldn't, but it seems a bit of an urban myth to me.....