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Mobile Usage While Driving

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by two40, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Since I've started commuting with a bike I've been paying more attention than I did with a car. I have noticed a lot of people using mobiles while driving. That's not to say I haven't seem them while driving, it's just that I've been more alert and it's shocking how many people are on them. Sadly it's mostly young drivers and have also noticed considerably more females.

    Tempted to sound the horn while staring them out (at the lights in particular) but I'm not that agro. There's also the concern of road rage...! And I understand it's not the public's job to police stuff like this but...

    Do you beep your horn at them or just stay clear?

  2. Curse under my breath and stay well clear. They are easy to identify from 500m away,,,
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  3. Good question. You're right about road rage - quite a lot of drivers go on the offensive if they feel humiliated or embarrassed.
    Very few people respond by agreeing that they they are doing wrong (on the spot). But maybe they will think about it afterwards.
    You need to be sure they can't take it out on you before initiating a confrontation. I do give them the evil eye but that's as far as I usually go.
    Your first priority is your immediate survival.
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  4. In terms of saving lives, there'd be a *lot* more cop cars and bikes actively policing this, rather than only focusing on speed.

    It's how we know they're not entirely serious.

    But rather than just despair and cynicism, it's in our own interest to be advocating for better enforcement around this issue.

    {10 9 8 7... to the libertarians screaming about encouraging any form of law enforcement... but on this one, if the goal is saving lives, it's clear this would pragmatically work}
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  5. I really seems to be part of a multiplying sense of entitlement and arrogance that's springing up everywhere. I was waiting in the local shopping strip last night and just stood there aghast at the phone use, the impatient pulling out into oncoming traffic, the aggressive lunging forward into any available road space... it's like everyone has decided "Fcuk you, it's all about moi!" all of a sudden.
    I'd like to see anyone convicted of using a phone while driving forced to have a sticker on their car that reads "Warning: arrogant prick on board".
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  6. Ha - great idea, maybe we can all donate money to getting these stickers made and distributed. Then we can stick em on these guy's cars lol. "Dickhead using mobile phone on board"
  7. It's a massive issue - the current driving generations drink driving - just a new way to drive blind.

    It needs a campaign and penalties in line with drink driving - ie a court offence with automatic disqualification. Only then will it start to be taken seriously.

    A few weeks ago I was a bit crook and catching the bus to work - looking down on cagers in traffic. The phone texting utilisation rate among peak hour drivers was well in excess of 50% for sustained periods. You were the odd one out if you weren't driving using a phone. And motos trying to filter past these fools.

    As others have said, people rarely take kindly to being pulled up doing the wrong thing. A touch of the right foot in their mobile lounge room can cause serious and ongoing issues for you in a worst case retaliatory response. At a lesser extreme all raising the issue with someone will likely do is give them a dimmer view of motorcyclists i.e. That we are aggro and don't mind our own business. It becomes rather pointless unless you are riding a Police FJR and can really do something about it. People already know it's wrong - they just don't care because of the low likelihood of being caught, and only minor penalties if they are.

    But alas no concerted campaigns against phone use here in NSW - instead we have massively resourced campaigns targeting bearded hipsters riding fixie bicycles at 12 kmh with no plastic lid, or not having an appropriate spec bell. You know - all the things that are causing the real carnage and trauma on our roads /s
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  8. OMG you're so onto something Titus.
    How about having something printed up like the old parking ones (see below) that you would leave on drivers windscreen.
    They have these stickers for when someone parks in your designated spot that are really fragile but very sticky so when you try and peel them off, they just disintegrate leaving sticky white paper on your window...
    I'm sure our fellow Netriders could some up with a witty but direct slogan ....
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  9. Check here for all stickers on googl...

    texting while driving sticker - Google Search
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  10. For the record, I detest texting whilst driving as I believe it now accounts for more accidents than drink or drug driving.
    However for the benefit of a balanced discussion, don't they say something about if 50% of the public are breaking the law then the law needs to be changed? I have no idea how you could possibly change the law though as the statistics don't lie. It's incredibly dangerous.

    On another point, if it's now more dangerous than drink driving why not apply the same principles of penalty enforcement. If you're done DUI then you have to fit an interlock device so why not apply the same methodologies to Text via a device such as this that basically does the same?

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  11. A lot of people don't see using their mobiles as dangerous while stopped at the traffic lights. While that might be true and the worst that can happen is you miss the green light and get honked, it does lead to temptation to finish that text or finish reading that funny Facebook post after you've started driving again.
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  12. Heres an idea if u get caught texting and driving you have your texting finger removed for a first offence and then after that continue further up your arm.
    I dont know might work.
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  13. The problem is wider that texting though. Browsing, Facebooking, Social Media interactions. Texting as a term does not encompass all this type of behaviour. This allows people to dismiss it well I'm not texting I am Snapchatting, Tweeting, Vibering etc.

    We need a snappy term to describe all this behaviour. Or perhaps some phrases. Ideas?

    "When your attentions on the Net, it's not on the road"
    "Your mobile can be a killer"
    "Suzie has a new boyfriend OMG, while you smash into a tree"

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  14. Good point Bravus, and quite frankly in the short term they'd make an absolute killing in the financial stakes - a result every other car or so.
    That bike cop in WA has it down to a tee.

    If there was dedicated bike cops filtering, just for this sole purpose perhaps once the word got out more car drivers may even be more inclined to actually use their mirrors to see who's coming up alongside them. Win / win.
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  15. There's some good ones there:

    I bet you could drive better with that mobile stuck up your ass!

    Hang up the phone - if you were that important you'd have a driver

    Put the phone down and nobody gets hurt!!

    You already suck at driving - the texting isn't helping

    Texting while driving is illegal - besides you're not that talented
  16. Love them all, need one that is something along the lines of: "Your so busy texting and driving you didn't see me stick this on your car"
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  17. Love this one.. :)
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  18. We need something like the Dutch approach. $2k fine or 2 weeks in jail.

    I look at them and point to my helmet cam. Seems to work.
    Guess most people don't want to google their numberplate and see a YouTube vid of themselves.
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