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Mobile tyre repair service in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by duncan_bayne, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I was riding to work today and decided that I wasn't imagining the deterioration in handling in the wet (rear end felt 'loose'). Stopped at a servo to discover a whacking great nail sticking out of the rear tyre :-(

    So ... anyone know of a mobile tyre repair outfit that services Footscray (where I work) and does motorcycle tyres? ](*,)

  2. MMMTS - the best....

    PM him or look for his thread in the Vendor sub-forum
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  3. I'm on the case, thanks for the recommendation BitSar.
  4. Thanks for the tip - he's dropping by during lunch for either a full or temporary repair, depending upon the damage.

    (Fun fact: '82 GS1100Gs have a 130mm wide rear ... that's two centimetres narrower than my 125 track bike).
  5. No problem at all mate.......we both know you've saved my bacon in the past =D>

    @OP - MMMTS service is exceptional.....you won't be disappointed (y)
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  6. I second that motion
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  7. 75 mm nail with a clean entry, temp fix using sticky spag, all being well it should last for a while or a least get you home then down to the bike shop for a muchroom plug and or tube.
    Or if you like I can come out and do the fix.......up to you.

  8. Happy to chime in here too. I know where I'll be getting tyres from here on in. :)
  9. Sounds like bloody good service response time there.=D>
  10. Bloody good service all around actually - and the repair was quick enough that I managed to get to a going-away lunch for a friend at work.

    Top bloke, great price, excellent work ... wholeheartedly recommended! :applause:

    (BTW thanks for the offer of coming out to mine to do the repair, but I've already booked her in with the folks at Mototecnic, dropping her off first thing tomorrow AM).
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