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NSW Mobile Speed Cameras. Just speed or other offences?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mike86, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Hey Guys/Girls

    I've had a little bit of a search around and can't find the answer i'm looking for.

    Here's the scenario. Was riding home from Old road with a mate. Traveling along a quiet suburban through road which has just had new tar laid down. The lines aren't painted yet but there are double reflectors placed on the road. My mate passes two cars in front of us and just as he passes them we see a mobile speed camera .I've read that the cameras in NSW are only monitoring in one direction and they require signs both 50m and 250m beforehand, with another 50m afterwards. Which would indicate that he was monitoring in the opposite direction to the way we were traveling. Does this mean the cameras are no longer monitoring from front on?

    Does anyone know if mobile speed cameras can enforce other offences such as overtaking on a double line?

    And how does the speed reading work. It it your maximum speed or the speed being traveled at time of passing the camera (ie within the 50m signs).

    cheers for your input.

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    In Vic the mobile camera cars are front facing and they do speed only. They can ping in both directions but my experience is they only do it on a two lane undivided road.

    If you are head on into a mobile speed camera on a bike in Vic, they can't ping you due to absence of front number plate. I always slow right down for them anyway though. Don't want to be adding any fuel to the front number plate fire.
  3. I've always wondered if there's a higher up in the chain who looks at the photos.. I don't think there is though - it seems to be an automated 'send letter, receive fine payment' type deal
  4. Probably going off thread, but I've always been curious about one thing, I asked a senior traffic cop who called me names and walked away, but, if I got pinged by a speed camera and proceeded to have an accident up the road further whose cause deemed speed related. Could the Police be accused of failing in their duty of care?
  5. Where was this camera.Never seen one in meto Sydney
  6. Yeah this one was located in metro sydney.

    Just another question. Does the camera have to take a picture of the vehicle (including number plate) at the accused speed? or can they ping you on the radar and then take a pic at a motorcycle rides past.

    I can't seem to find any speed camera standards anywhere on the net for NSW. I'd love to see them if someone has them.
  7. O ok Metro Sydney,how does that help anyone doing an Old Rd ride to avoid having the same thing happen.So any hints as to what road it was on.If you dont know try a breif discription of the location.As far as I know the picture and the radar happen at the same time
  8. I'm really not sure mate. I'm not from around that area at all. I think it was around Ryde(ish) area. A fair way away from Old Rd. We were on our way back.
  9. OK,at least its a fare way off from up there.BTW the only one I have seen as down near Wollongong up past the top of Mt Ousley,in a spot of divided expressway with no chance of getting any notice from those passing the other way.Cunning bugars.
  10. These Ford Territories your talking about, don't always have the warning sign 250m before them. They take photos using laser (not radar) of up to 6 lanes and 6 vehicles at the same time. Pretty nifty 'ey.
  11. Is it not a requirement that they now must have the signs 250m before, 50m before, and 50m after?

    Thats what i gather from the rta website

    " Mobile speed camera signage is overt; mobile speed camera vehicles are marked, and operators place portable warning signs 50 metres before and after the vehicle. In addition to current signage, a further warning will be provided up to 250 metres before the vehicle. Signage will also be changed from ‘Safety Camera Vehicle Ahead’ to ‘Mobile Speed Camera Ahead’."

  12. Redflex and the RMS are in hot water here at the moment because they aren't displaying the signs correctly. Either the signs aren't at the correct distance and/or are hidden by other objects like parked cars or trees.
  13. so would that be sufficient grounds to argue any ticket successfully?
  14. I wouldn't think so.
  15. Actually it is. I have got off before because a tree had grown over the sign :)

    The companies are hiding/not displaying the signs because they are paid per fine.
  16. That surprises me. Sign or no sign, you will still speeding. Justus what's your take on this.

    Edit: don't take that as an endorsement of the revenue raising tactics employed by the government.

    Who told you that they are paid by fine? My understanding is that they are paid regardless of the number of fines.
  17. I was talking about a fixed camera though, so I assume it would work for a mobile one. The guy in the camera car told me they are paid per fine, BUT he could just be bullshitting.

    Either way, if you get busted and don't get off there's no point complaining, you knew you were speeding. Still sux though
  18. And they even tell you where they're located....
  19. Interesting that they call them HIGH risk. I've been working in Travers St Wagga for 13 years and I'm struggling to remember the last time I saw an accident here. Likewise for most of the camera locations around the Wagga area.