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QLD Mobile speed camera warning signs to be removed

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gunissan, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Queensland mobile speed camera warning signs to be removed

    Queensland mobile speed camera warning signs to be removed
    • 19 hours ago July 12, 2015 12:00AM
    The new Road Policing Command speed camera vans now in use in Queensland. Source: Supplied

    QUEENSLAND police have been told to remove signs warning drivers of upcoming mobile speed camera traps.

    “Speed camera in use” signs that were placed ahead of police camera vans were deemed “too problematic” and too small by the state’s Road Policing Command.

    FIXED CAMERAS: Our worst speeding hot spots

    COMMENT: Lower speed tolerance may not fly in court

    It comes as almost 600,000 motorists on Queensland roads were fined more than $87 million in 2014 by the mobile cameras.

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    The new directive, which began on July 1, coincides with the minimum fine for speeding increasing to $157 for vehicles less than 13km/h over the limit.

    “The signs were problematic and too small,” Road Policing Command Inspector Allan Hales said.

    “If you are in an urban area you either put them on the footpath and people whinge about that or you put them on a street and people whinge you are taking up another car space.

    “So what we actually did was increase the placarding on the side of vehicles ... and there are ‘Join the Drive’ logos on there and also ‘Road Policing Command’ in bigger letters.”

    Queensland has about 47 mobile camera vehicles, including 12 covert vehicles which have never used signage.

    Insp Hales said he did not expect the changes to increase the number of fines “because the signs were so small and were out of place sometimes”.

    Nine News: Masked crusaders

    “The policy always was that they were past the camera,” he said.

    “It was mainly really about what was the best — the placard on the side of the van is larger, it’s easy to see, and we thought that was better than having a small sign that people sometimes get distracted by.”

    Insp Hales said data showed a drop in the road network speeds of motorists in the past few years.

    Police are now focused on getting drivers in the lower bracket of speeding to slow down further.

    “It might only be one or two kilometres an hour but the research shows that even those small changes are significant to the frequency and severity of crashes,” Insp Hales said.

    Police would be on highways and in school zones as children prepared to go back to classes next week.

    RACQ executive manager of technical and safety policy Steve Spalding did not see the change as misleading.

    “I think police have always used a mix of overt and covert, and we certainly support that,” he said.

    Mobile camera fines
    2012: 359,764 fines over 67,170 hours — 5.36 per hour

    2013: 436,080 fines over 92,303 — 4.72 per hour

    2014: 597,959 fines over 97,080 hours — 6.16 per hour

    Originally published as Latest speed trap for state’s motorists
  2. Head down texting,head down LOOKING AT SPEEDO,whats the difference.
  3. This is generally how it starts:
    • 1km/hr over the limit is criminally dangerous and causes global warming, impotence, domestic violence and all things bad in society.
    • We wont have signs they are ineffective. We have covert vehicles already.
    • The government increases the number of covert vehicles.
    • The government then decide private industry can supply the covert vehicles and operators for a cut of the fines.
    • The fines are to small to sustain a private industry model we need to raise the fines.
    Sadly QLD is following the Victoria revenue path.
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  4. “It might only be one or two kilometres an hour but the research shows that even those small changes are significant to the frequency and severity of crashes,” Insp Hales said.

    Show me the research please.
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  5. I see a covert van regularly. Set-up on Southern Cross Way about 1km northbound from the gateway bridge parked alongside the “No stopping or turning” sign. I wonder if the covert unit consider this sign “problematic and too small” since they blatantly defy it during their scamming session.
  6. I would like to know how 'covert' speed camera's help reduce accidents or death? They're COVERT! Nobody can see them so they will just keep 'speeding' dangerously along! They don't slow anyone down or remind you to keep the speed down. They're there to make money! Don't tell me they're there for our safety! Does anyone actually swallow this crap? Just the other night on the news there was a report of a kid high/drunk ploughing through someone's fence overshooting a roundabout in the rain. The police officer interviewed ONLY said that speed was a factor in this crash. Can you believe that!? Is that what they're taught to shove down our throats? Nothing said about the inexperience, not driving to conditions, high/drunk...nothing...it was SPEED!

    It's also said that if you don't speed then you won't get caught. Apart from the fact that these camera's can be inaccurate, I too would like to see the evidence for number of deaths where the speed was 10km/hr or less over the posted limit.
  7. They removed the signs a few years ago for mobile cameras here in Adelaide.
    ALL the cars are covert and from a private company so watch out for Camry's .
  8. Labor gov ... say no more :)
    Mind you the sign were impossible to see until you were past the point of no return so no-one will notice the change. The vans are not always marked and are often not even vans LOL ... anything parked is suspicious.
  9. The last time the Libs were in power in QLD the filth would just pull you over for extended questioning.
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  10. All governments of either political stripe like to push the "Tough on Law and Order" line. Not because its benefits are born out by any ongoing studies but because they think it plays well with the electorate. The heavy enforcement of minor speed offences have the opposite effect though. People see it for what it is media fluff and revenue.
  11. Rubbish ... I love a guy in uniform and lived in hope but never got pulled over once :-(
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  12. Now you're catching on. If people stopped speeding there would be fewer fines issued and neither treasury nor the police want that, albeit for different reasons.
    As for swallowing this crap - you don't need to .It will be rammed down your throat whether you like it or not, and your opinion will be misrepresented in carefully crafted 'public consultation' surveys.
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  13. It's this 'speeding' definition that concerns me. More fines seem to be handed out for 10km/hr or under, above the posted limit. I think that people pinged at these speeds should be sent warning letters or something rather than just fining them. We're talking mums & dads being pinged for going 2 or 3 k's over. That's just ridiculous!!

    I'm not an advocate for speeding & yes, speed is just one factor amongst many in most accidents. Unfortunately it's also the only factor that's detectable & used for money making purposes...ie: covert/hidden camera's. There's no device that detects drowsiness or distraction, unroadworthy vehicles, or inexperience so it has to fall to speed detection. I can drive past a speed camera drunk & on 3 tyres, weaving & driving 30km/hr and I'll get away with it. You can't do that past a flesh & blood cop! I can't stand that a machine can act as the judge, jury & executioner. I'd rather be pulled over by a cop & fined, than receive a fine in the mail 2 weeks after the event that I can't even remember!
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  14. victoria.....greed camera capital of the world.....you queenslander's haven't seen half of the greed governments and their private operators are capable of.
  15. Some senior cop was wanking on about concentrating on the NON COMPLIANCe of speeding in the 10 and under range.Seems its deadly,statistics prove this.Seems most cars were moving when accidents happen.Now if only they could get the public to swallow this then zero deaths might happen.Maybe if we all stayed home Bazzel Faulty could be put in charge of road safety.
  16. only takes half a second to check speedo.
    texting wankers tend to look down for 5 to 10 seconds (ime) and by that time they are already veering off the road.

    in the 40km/hr filtering thread.
    @30k's you'd stop in time,
    @40 k's you 'd hit at 30km/hr

    easy to do the math, but it's hard to argue that hitting something at a higher speed is better for you :p
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  17. I'm sure the cops where told by the politicians - "shit we're making buckets of money here. Do whatever you need to issue more fines".

    Raising revenue under the guise of Safety - its sickening.
  18. there's an easy way to stop them making so much money from fines... :)
  19. They have that "Just slow down" excuse covered in vic
    -1-2km/h tolerance
    -Rapidly and inconsistent changing of speeds
    -Inappropriate limits (roads that were once 100 marked down to 70 and now 60).
    - Unmarked and strategically placed cameras (in bushes, bottom of hills etc)

    Only creates drivers who are panicky, constantly ride the brakes, overtake each other at 0.0001km/h and are fixated on their speedo's.
  20. but aren't those people shit drivers anyway? :D