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Mobile Phones?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RainMann, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. 1. Ingore them?

  2. 2. Let them know its not on?

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  3. 3. Take action?

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  1. I cant stand people in cars on their mobile phones.
    It just sh*ts me, especially as they are often P platers who have limited driving skills anyway.
    Today a P plate girl on her mob almost pulled out in front of me as I was going to work early today, and stopped at the last minute.
    I was doing around 80 on Plenty road, Bundoora, the roads were very wet and slippery and its too easy to die like that.
    Too many accidents result of this and its pretty hard for the cops to control.

    I just kept riding because I was late and she looked like she sh*t herself, but a few months ago I was in Carlton and some P plater was all over the place and almost side swiped me. I chased him, pointed at his him. At first he gave me the thumbs up, then i pointed at his phone and shook my head. He put it down ... and probably picked it up as soon as I left. We should let people know that its not on.

  2. Yeah, those safety cameras are pretty shit for what we paid for them.
  3. I ignore them, but pay extra close attention to their movements.

    But always in the back of my mind is the thought of carving a mobile phone out of black closed-cell foam so when I see a driver on the phone I can pull into their field of vision, whip out my "phone" and hold it up to the side of the helmet for an important call. ;)

    Dunno if they'd make the "That's really stupid - oh wait - I'm doing it too" connection though.

    So instead, I ignore them...
  4. I voted as ignore cos I give death stares and mouth cuss words at them when they look my way - doesn't really count as taking action tho :)

    shits me to tears :evil:
  5. They shit me too. The first car I owned back in the 80's was written off courtesy of some dick on his big chunky car phone who was too busy telling his mates about the game of golf he'd just had to give way to me as I was proceeding through a roundabout.

    And he was so nonchalant about it too, didn't care that he'd written off both my car and his car "Oh I don't care" he says "My company will just give me a new one"

    Wanted to grab his car phone and the golf clubs off the back seat and stick them up his arse sideways. Tosser! I had loved that car too and only had it 6 months before it was strewn throughout the intersection in a pool of petrol from the ruptured tank.

    So yeah, ever since then anytime I see someone on the phone I try and make an effort to gesture at them to get off the bloody thing - but most of them are so absorbed in their conversation that they don't notice...says a lot as to how much attention they are paying to the bloody road!
  6. My brother was hit by a mobile-phoner a few years ago with my sister on the back of his gixxer 600, he has about 4 massive scars all over his leg where her bumper tore his leg open. He walked away with 40 grand two years later.

    My sister may never be able to give birth, so her compensation is still in the mail and is going to be something like the mid 6 figure range.

    I take action.
  7. I have been known to stop next to them and unzip my jacket at the lights displaying a t-shirt that reads "could you drive any better is I shove that cell phone up your ...." :LOL: If I'm not wearing it, I stop next to them and wait for the lights to change. While I wait, I hold 6k rpm. It annoys the shit out of them. :LOL:
  8. This is a serious problem that really should be addressed seriously.
    I dont see any advertising campaigns about this.
    Its all about the speeding bullshit.
    If you ask me the morons that do this deserve a brick thru their windscreen or some other misc vehicle damage.
    When i do get a bike ill be doing my best to annoy/harrass these f*cking idiots to the best of my ability.
  9. Me and fireblade were going through Kew one day after Friday night coffee and saw a girl on her phone, so we sat next to her at about 10k rpm (on baby blades with non-stock pipes), she couldn't hear what the other person was saying and had to hang up :LOL:
  10. I'm happy to take action! :grin:
  11. Ignore them. They dont give a sh!t now and they wont give a sh!t when you ride off into the distance. Just be aware of them.
    Concentrate on your riding and leave them all behind. :)
  12. It wouldn't be too hard to police.

    They need one plain-clothes officer about 200 metres down the road with a radio. When they see someone on the mobile phone, they radio-in the car's description and plate number. The uniformed officer then steps out into traffic and pulls them over.

    I walked past a "hidden" mobile speed camera on Saturday about 5:30 pm. By the time I had walked 200 metres down the road, I counted three people on mobile phones.
  13. Yeah had the same problem yesterday a young girl driving a manual rice burner round a left hand corner talking on the phone and she missed the gear slowed right down, then changing hand with the phone so she could change gear, with me casually waiting behind.

    Followed her for about 1km until she turned off into a side street talking away on the phone the whole time. :evil:
  14. I like the revving beside them idea. I will use that in future. I saw a P plater in one of those little Mercs all over the shop on saturday. I stayed well away form him though. My bike is quite loud.
  15. Stats that came out late last year show that NSW Police at least are not policing mobile phone usage to the same level as speeding, seat belts etc. People know that they have a good chance of not getting booked.

    And it's not about costs, in my opinion. I've seen far too many people in BMWs and Mercs with hand-helds; don't tell me that they can't afford a Bluetooth device.
  16. They were doing blitzes in glenhuntly rd last year. Under cover in plain clothes calls in any bad drivers, illegal u-turns, mobile phone users, etc... and the uniformed police would flag em down about 100 mtrs down the road. They got heaps! But it still happens all the time. They (police) need to keep it up.

    I also think some advertising is a good idea. Hope it happens.
  17. And most mobiles nowdays have the loudspeaker option too

  18. Wonder what would happen if someone were to try this:
    Mount a camera on your helmet, anonymously mail a video cut together of each offending driver + car on your daily commute to the police. (That's "mail a video to the police", not "while commuting to the police station")

    If police can charge people based off of videos on YouTube et al, then how would that be any different?
  19. I always dream of that but I think I read it breaches the privacy laws ad the person that records the videos can be charged with stalking and some other offences.

    The case with the videos from youtube and similar websites is different because it is usually the offender himself/herself the on e that posts the video on the net.

  20. I ignore no-one and nothing on the road. That's probably why I'm still alive after 40 years of being a moving target for every muppet on wheels.....