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Mobile Phones and cagers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by echoball, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Just saw this in the Age, a few moments ago. I see them all the time on the way to work and it sh!ts me. Just wondering if there is a fine foe knitting whilst driving :shock:

    Four-hour blitz nabs 175 city drivers
    Email Print Normal font Large font By Clay Lucas
    February 15, 2006 - 11:34AM

    It took plain-clothes police just four hours to fine 175 city drivers yesterday for talking on their mobile phone and failing to wear seatbelts.

    Police handed out a total of 225 on-the-spot fines, including 121 fines for driving while talking on a mobile phone and 54 for not putting on a seatbelt.

    Another eight were fined for driving unregistered vehicles, and one was caught driving without a license. The remaining fines were for miscellaneous offences including running a red light, failing to stop at an intersection, and other minor matters.

    Drivers were surprised to be stopped by the plain-clothes police but a police spokesman said they would continue to employ unusual tactics to catch people talking on their phones while driving, because it was so dangerous.

    "There are legal ways for people to speak on a mobile phone while driving," said Inspector Stephen Mutton.

    "(But) there is clearly a group of people that will not take advantage of the hands-free or speaker phone options."

    Inspector Mutton also said some drivers were too complacent about not wearing seatbelts.

    "Seatbelts are essential every time you are in a car. ... Seatbelts save lives and it's just not worth the risk," he said.

    - theage.com.au
  2. Sunday arvo, i was going for a cruise along a popular and fairly busy highway. I notice a woman behind me in a white Carolla, no worries, nothing unusual about that. So anyway i put my indicator on nice and early and move to the left of my lane as i approach my turn.

    I notice Carolla rapidly getting closer in my right mirror. So i do a really big exagerated head check to make sure she has seen me. As i start to lean into the corner i see she is now only about 3-4metres away and she's not looking up. I go round the corner quicker than normal to avoid being hit and while i go round i lean on the horn for quite a while. I see her look up, swerve around me into the other lane (nealy hitting another car) and then she swerves back into the lane and i see her go straight back to typing a text message as she passes me and the intersection.

    Bloody amazing. And the scary thing is that she wont stop doing it until she hits someone. And if she hit a bike, i'm sure she'd be the one saying "bloody motorbikes, they should be banned they are so dangerous blh blh blh..."

    Anyway i was in shock for a couple of seconds and i had stopped a few metres down the side street to gather myself and this car stops next to me and the guy winds down his window and yells out "F-ing unbelievable some people hey!" and all i could say was "yeah.....F*ck me that was close". Then i though bugger this and i turn round and try to catch up to her but i lost her in the traffic and i though hey its just not worth getting a speeding fine or something trying to teach a dumb biatch a lesson that she wont learn anyway.

    Its not normally in my nature, but just as well i didnt catch her either cause although i would never hit a woman i would have stuck my foot right into her passenger door.
  3. Ahhh, so that's what they were up to yesterday. Good.
    All up St. Kilda rd and through CBD intersections yesterday mroning there was a very strong and unusual police presence. Uniformed police were even standing on CBD intersections and obviously watching traffic and stepping out to stop some.
  4. Yeah just hope it connects properly! Bluetooth doesnt always work! Stupid me picked up the phone (the car was not moving deadlocked traffic) and wore the fine and loss of 3 points. Oh by the way i would have never picked it up if I was moving and if you want to grill me about it thats already been done in previous posts.

    Lesson learned.
  5. "including running a red light"

    is a MINOR matter, while talking on a phone is a major matter??? Using a mobile phone while driving never killed anyone, though it can lead to inattention and accidents. Motorists running a red light would have to be one of OUR greatest fears, and it's a MINOR MATTER??

    What are the Vic Police on?? Or is this bizarre double-standard the result of having an ex-NSW policeperson as head of the force??
  6. I thought it could be "running a red light, failing to stop at intersections" and other matters that were minor (not saying that the red light and failing to stop were minitor matters?)

    It's well known running red lights + failing to stop at intersections are big causes of accidents(more like incidents) + deaths
  7. Yes it has ... been a couple of well publised cases. Police will also tell you open/active phones are (regularly enough to be of concern) found within crashed cars.
  8. No, wazza, not to be argumentative, the exact wording groups running red lights in with other minor matters

    The remaining fines were for miscellaneous offences including running a red light, failing to stop at an intersection, and other minor matters

    Jason I know what you mean, but I'm making the direct causal link between running a red light and hitting someone, as opposed to being distracted by a mobile phone and hitting someone.....
  9. If that's the case, big thumbs down for grouping running red lights/failing to stop as minor matters..
  10. running a red light can be leaving those that gun it as it's orange, or the couple that go across as it's change from orange to red.

    Happens everyday on my commute home. No biggy, all I do before leaving the lights is check each way.
  11. Yes it has. A few years back, a cyclist was killed - the driver was sending a sms at the time.

  12. There's an article in cosmo from a couple of months ago written by the female drive who killed a push bike rider as she was texting. Can't remember what her sentence was.

    // And yes I read Cosmo. Know the enemy I've always said.

  13. at least they have stopped shooting people willy nilly :LOL: maybe we should have the ex victorian police minister here in N.S.W
  14. :evil:
  15. Didn't the Queensland cops just shoot a naked man?

    Hard to imagine what weapon he was reaching for.
  16. But what if they ran the red light because they were distracted by their mobile and didn't notice it was red - what would be the "cause" of the crash if they hit someone then hmm :p.
  17. What if your were talking on your mobile while driving, eating, sending a text, changing a cd and was watching a tv screen tunned into judge judy!
  18. I haven't found a active / open / on whatever mobile in a MVA yet. It's something I'm going to look for now but. How crap would it be to be on the other end and hearing the crash, "Hello? Hello?" :roll: That would be crap IMO.
  19. Tuna Ranch's Threat Assessment Guide...

    For each criteria met, increase threat level exponentially:

    * Woman
    * Short drivers
    * Mobile phone
    * Four wheel drive

    If trifecta is in play, triple the final threat level.

    If it's a short arse woman in a four wheel drive using a mobile, keep the hell away :D
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