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NSW Mobile Phone Usage - four demerit points

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by chilliman64, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. I was under the misunderstanding that mobile phone usage by a driver carried a 3-point penalty, it's actually four. not sure how many of you knew this. there is a topic on here by cjvfrcjvfr regarding phone use carrying double demerits so that would mean any caught this long weekend would lose 8 points in one go.

    Know the rules - Mobile phone use - Staying safe - NSW Centre for Road Safety

    I wonder if that will discourage anyone?

    one of my favourite campaigns
    Get your hand off it - Campaigns - NSW Centre for Road Safety

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  2. The reality about mobile usage is that most people don't really consider it dangerous, so they are not fearful of using their phone while driving, and most do not fear getting caught.

    The size of the penalty is not so much of a deterrent as the perceived likelihood of getting caught. You could make it one demerit and a small fine, and get everyone ever time they used it, and behaviour would change really quickly.

    Perth woman gets 20 demerit points in less than two hours
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  3. Hmmmm should I or shouldn't I.

    This is an interesting one. Although some may not like me saying it here but it's not to dissimilar to speeding for me. It's the location and how it happens which effect the results.

    Most here would have zero problem with doing 40 or more over the limit in the time and place for it. But if you did 40 over through a school zone we would all be pissed! And rightly so!

    Every single day whilst sitting in traffic stuck on punt road or the exit to the freeway I look to my left and look to my right and because my ute is higher I see people scrolling through their phones. Now if that was a big issue there would be thousands of crashes every day.

    But if you are texting on your phone whilst your car is moving that's the problem. They need to stop that !!!!!!!!
    If the car is moving you don't touch it full stop end of story.

    People aren't completely stupid it's like the whole 5 km over well kill all the people in a 2km radius. We know its not true so we give it the contempt it deserves.

    (Hides from cover from the wrath I'm about to cop)
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  4. You send a text while stopped, traffic starts moving and gets up to speed and a reply text comes through.......what do you do? I know what 99% of people will do
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  5. Yeh maybe. I'm not saying I have the answer, far from it. It's more what I observe every day.

    So the another question is, the difference between that and all the touch screen gadgetry which is in cars now and you can legally touch.

    Or if a phone is in an approved holder you can touch it for navigational use.

    I'm not sure how it can be solved.
  6. It probably can't be completely solved as I agree that cars have similar gadgets with thousands of buttons scattered across the dash and steering wheel.
    I guess you need to draw a line somewhere and banning mobile use in a car is a good start.
  7. Siri is the answer!
  8. Who's siri?
    Just ignore the fcuken thing when driving, you can look at someone's picture of their breakfast when your out the car
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  9. Have you seen this guy's approach to phone use?

    Not advisable but definitely satisfying.
  10. I agree 100%, even on a short trip to the City and back I can see quite a few drivers using their phone. If I can see that many in an hour, a cop should be able to see hundreds in a day, if they look for it. So why are they not enforcing it? At $ 365 per fine ( Qld ) this would be a lucrative activity.
  11. Nearly got caught about to answer my phone one night in Geelong, the next day I bought an in dash bluetooth, nav, entertainment unit for not much more than the $485 fine, demerits don't worry me as much as fine - I'm just miserable I suppose
  12. That's the thing isn't. What is the chance of getting caught? Given the authorities almost obsessive call of "speed kills" and the resultant measures to combat speed.
    I can understand your logic. But I can't agree with it.

    I can only speak for myself, if I was to do 40 over (I'm not saying I have) I can be pretty sure the vast majority of my attention would be focused on the road and the job of riding the bike. The same is far from the truth when it comes to using a mobile phone AT ANY SPEED or in ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.
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  13. And this IMO is where TAC have it wrong. Instead of adds like "We will catch you & fine you", they should be showing adds of normal every day people with zero criminal records in Jail away from their family, and a ruined education or career because they chose to use a phone and ended up killing some one because they didn't think it was dangerous - with the slogan "are you next?"

    Many drivers are not only ignorant of the dangers, but also apathetic about other people - but very concerned about how their own lives may pan out and how it might affect them. Sure - it won't reach everyone, but the whole "Fine / money grab" is getting more than old, and the govt has lost it's cred when it comes to fines with low range speed infractions - they need a different approach to reach people re mobile phones.
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  14. I'm not talking about at any speed b12mickb12mick I'm talking stationary at lights.

    I completely agree with the car moving. I'm more discussing what I see every day.
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  15. Sorry, misread your post.

    Stopped at lights is maybe fair enough. Lets be honest though, if you can't go for an hour without having to touch your phone to send/receive texts, check FB etc then I reckon you've got a problem.
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  16. Maybe a series of advertisements clearly demonstrating how long it actually takes for our brains to process visual information - what happens in the time they look down at their phone... I don't know what else to suggest. People don't care.

    I believe the problem with even that is it is encouraging further use. Very few people have the discipline or self-restraint to not follow through with whatever they were doing. This is especially true of the sort of people who seem to feel it's so important or urgent that it can't wait 'til they get to their destination. People are literally addicted to social media. What is realistically going to stop those sort of people from reading the next message or the next or the next?

    If they make an allowance for themselves to use their phone while stationary at the lights, that activity is more likely to grab their attention again (or demands more attention than they can give for that red light).

    Maybe the burden will be with manufacturers of phones and cars? A forced "Car mode" for all new phones. There will always be ways to hack that sort of thing but the majority of consumers don't possess that ability or determination... they just use whatever the Apple Overloads provide them.
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  17. You just described 50 % of the planet lol.
  18. I'd say in developed countries it's more like 80% of the population.

    I'm that freak at the coffee shop who just drinks his coffee. No phone, no tablet. I might be reading the paper.
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  19. I do agree with you to a point NamedNamed and I have no idea what the solution is. What I do know is if the public are treated like imbeciles and get told that moving your phone from your centre consule to the passenger seat is dangerous then they will disregard what you say when it really is dangerous such as whilst your driving.

    It's like the tradesman who is explaining to you what is wrong with something without knowing you have a certain amount to knowledge on the product and it's complete crap what he's telling you. Do you believe another word he says???
  20. I'm the freak reading the paper growling at my co workers you know I'm reading the paper and you are asking stupid questions whilst interrupting me.