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Mobile phone tossbags

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Not4Resale, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. I'm sure you've all experienced this...

    Riding along, observing tool yabber on with their phone as it is pressed to their ear while flying along at 80 k's in 2 tonnes of metal, then buffering and observing them half assed check their shoulder but have their phone in the way and they transition over into your lane only to realise you are there when you show up in their rearview and you observe the shocked look on their face as they tell their friend/girlfriend/boyfriend that they nearly had an accident (insert giggle for P plate girl as she waves a "sorry" in your direction).

    Is smashing dents in these tards vehicles at the next set of lights unjustified behaviour? :evil:

    Okay on a more serious note, what power do we have over things like this, would mounting a camera to your helmet and catching the behaviour and their numberplate be the only way to ensure that these num nuts get busted?

    Seriously, i think this is an epidemic, everytime i take a typical ride/drive, I will pass no less than 3 people (usually more) re telling their life stories on the phone while on the road. It wouldn't annoy me if it was just a short hey im driving and hang up but people have proper conversations and on more than one occassion it's been my observations thats kept me upright and the idiots without a riders death over their heads.

    *Rant Complete*
  2. Oh my god, you mean there's careless and distracted drivers on our roads?

    This changes EVERYTHING.
  3. That's it. No more roads for me. From now on I'm riding on the footpath. Oh hang on...I've seen people on their phones while walking! Fine, I'm never leaving the house.
  4. Loz - Its the status quo these days ;)

    Just dont let em get you. Ride faster than them.
    If they try it, generally a dirty look i feel does the most to them. Or give em a thumbs up while yelling "Nice one, DICKHEAD".

    Maybe we should make stickers up. Not sure how you could get them on the car with gloves on though, but im willing to try.
    Something like;
    "Watch out Riders
    I cant Drive for shit"
  5. This is why I use bike lanes.
  6. this I like! - fridge magnets?
  7. These will be called wanker magnets and we fling em on with bits of metal attached so when the owner goes to take it off they scratch up their four wheel wankerbox.

    Maybe loz is right, time to bunker down with a makeshift crossbow and never leave the house! No one gets in and no phones allowed!
  8. Nah chill pill mate, the dopey tin can c*nts and their predicatably useless driving skills make for a far more interesting obstacle course.
  9. It is a good idea, it could be a symbol rather than text sort of like Hobo Code known to bikers.

    What symbols could you use for the different type of road wankers? Best one wins the respect and admiration of your peers. ;)
  10. I agree with loz.

    The realy shit drivers are usually the most predictable ones.
  11. If you assume that all car drivers are as bad as you are, then no problems. Works for me.
  12. What riles me in this state is that the police focus seems to be continually on speeding.

    "We'll catch you before you kill someone" type of stuff plastered all over the place in massive billboards (and probably tv ads, not that I watch any tv).

    How about they put some resources into catching mobile phone users who are far more dangerous than anyone going a little over the limit?

    Probably because no radar can detect them but they can for motion and therefore it's easier to raise revenue.

    TAC and VicPol need to bloody wake up to the reality out on the roads and start cracking down hard on the real dangers out there, not just the old hack "speed, speed, speed".

    /rant off
  13. What do you mean? Surely my traveling at 101 in a 100 zone is likely to immediately cause the death of an innocent child? Lock me up before it happens please.
  14. I'm hopeless at carrying a conversation while driving. I do big pauses and I don't listen properly to what the other person's saying.
  15. so, same as when you're behind a keyboard then?
  16. LOL - nice work

    I think we need some stickers, fairly large, very sticky. They go on the driver's side window if at all possible, and the writing is in the glue side.

    They say:

    AND fcukEN DRIVE!
  17. No, will never work. Explaining to them what you did with 'passion' is the best option, if they fail the 'dickhead response test', eg. giggling, they get a boot on their pretty panel work.
  18. Whether you realise it or not, the reason you like riding more than driving is that there's more to manage, more to do. It takes more attention, more skill, more planning and there's bigger consequences if you f*ck it up. That's also why you like riding in the twisties more than on the freeway. More to do, more to manage. So when some clown in a car makes you take some evasive manoevers, fantastic! More to do, more to manage. Keeps you awake, keeps you learning, more fun than riding in a straight line.
  19. Classic. :LOL:

    And not far off the money. There are days when I stare at cars waiting on the side-branch of a T-intersection and mutter under my helmet, "Go on, pull out in front of me! I DARE ya. I DARE ya to give me something to biatch about on Netrider!!!"
  20. Except when that twat on the phone behind you fails to brake in time and either runs over you or punts you into oncoming traffic then it's not so much fun anymore :evil: