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Mobile phone systems for bikes

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by CBRSteve, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. Hi guys

    Anyone able to recommend a decent quality mobile kit for helmets that won't break the bank?

    I've tried a few standard hands free kits but they are pretty much useless above 20kms.

  2. don't know why you'd wanna use the mble while on a bike. leave that to the cagers! lol.

    mate, you might wanna try the new helmet fom bmw: "system 5". bluetooth compatable which lets you take calls, listen to music or coms to pillion. looks pretty swish.

    no. i don't have one.
  3. hey dude dont take it the wrong way but its bad enough witht these idiots gas baggin on the phone in thier car and not concentratin on where there going i'd hate too see a bike rider cop shit from these 1% people cause he/she caused an accident cause they were on the blower while ridin the bike
  4. I think someone has watched too much torque 8)
  5. true really :LOL: :p :LOL:
  6. No offense taken :)

    It's for long trips where there a several riders & meeting points. Saves having to pull over, take of the lid, answer the calls etc.

    Maybe I'm just being lazy.

    yeah....thats it. :D
  7. No offense taken :)

    It's for long trips. Saves having to pull over, take of the lid, answer the calls etc.

    Maybe I'm just being lazy.

    yeah....thats it. :D
  8. To all those people being rallying wankers about not using a mobile on the bike... Give it a rest :eek:

    The chap wants to buy one and is asking for advice as to which is the better. He is not asking whether he should or should not buy one so flipp off with your bloddy belly aching.... :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Ain't it the truth, Skuff? Someone posts asking if Tiger Angel leathers are any good, and immediately someone says "Why do you want to buy leathers??"
    Well, it's BECAUSE HE DOES!!!!!
  10. Umm - actually that thread was about buying them instead of leathers... :LOL:

    These long rides are doing something to your attention span Paul... :p

    In answer to your question though, the moulded ear pieces work very well. I got some to use with an MP3 player and the sound quality is brilliant with them. I can't remember the name but he advertises in Australian Road Rider. You can get them with a mobile phone connection.

    Unfortunately that doesn't help much as far as a microphone is concerned, I'd be inclined to look for a bluetooth kit. Talk to some of the couriers around who have a hands free kit for their radios.

  11. Tony, I was speaking in general, not about the Tiger Angel thread in particular; I probably should have used a generic example instead of that one! Sorry if I offended.

    It's just that often someone asks for an opinion about buying something and the usual reaction is not "I have one and it's great/lousy", but "Have you considered a face-lift instead?" for example.

    And stookie's little iPod Nano has convinced me about music on the road, so I'd love to find out more about the moulded ear-pieces please!
  12. I'm not offended - I was just being pedantic :p :p :p

    I know that this guy generally sets up at the expos and does them while you wait (obviously - it's pretty hard to leave your ear and come back later :LOL: ) and he advertises in Australian Road Rider. He was at the stand next to ARR in Melbourne and I asked Pete Thoeming about them and he highly recommended them. ot cheap but work brilliantly.

  13. I'd recon you would want to be real careful about picking the microphone part. Hearing probably isn't a great problem if the ear plugs fit well enough and the volume is loud enough. I'd hate to be on the other end of a conversation where the rider is talking over the top of wind and engine noise. Maybe do some research on what our local 2 wheeled law enforcement use.
  14. Of course, SOME bikes have more engine noise than others, eh?? :D

    take your point though