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Mobile phone recommendations

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by rdkls, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Hey hey
    Spill on Saturday and phone just hasn't been the same since copping my full weight, so time to get a new one.
    Currently have a Motorola F3
    Things I like
    • basic
      e-ink screen easy to read in direct light
      thin & light
    Things I miss
    • predictive text
      a basic camera - mainly for evidence "if things go wrong", which they never do so not really a huge requirement ...
    That's about it.
    Any recommendations?
    Or should I just get another F3 for $40 .....

  2. its not thin, but its fkn tough.

    nokia 5140i.
    basic. fkn tough. has camera. predictive text. wtf an e-ink screen?

    happy to sell you mine for $20.
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    Thanks Nibor but I care a lot about thin & light
    (insert something about bulge in my pocket)
    (inbefore "your hands")

    yeah it's really cool
    plus - can read any angle & (almost) lighting condition
    con - like LCD display is not pixels but those lines

    basically it would have to be thinner & lighter than the f3
    or close-to, but have a camera ...
  4. I've been liking the Sony Ericssons.

    Just upgraded from a K800i to the new C510... which had ordinary battery life and stopped reading my SIM card, UNTIL I did a software update and now the thing runs like a champion and the battery lasts for ages after I turned 3G network access off.

    The text messaging has a cool feature where you see your inbox and outbox with a particular person in order, just like if you were chatting over the net.
    It is very very useful.

    3.2mp camera. Much improved lens cover, over the K800i. It's light and slim and looks cool. Usual phone stuff included.

    I recommend them. They're about $350 outright, I think.
  5. Thanks Bonk, looks very close to what I'm after
    ebay has em ca. $260
  6. If you turn the 3G access off, does that mean it only runs on the dodgy back up network?

    How long did your battery last for?

    Lastly, how do you turn the 3g network off?

    I have a w910i and will be looking at an upgrade soon enough.
  7. top dollar by comparison, but Samsung Omnia
  8. Nokia N95
  9. I have had a Nokia n95 8 gig for about 18 months , very good phone , but now have Iphone for 2 days , and I think Iphone is much easier to use, surfing web is better as well.

    Iphone available from virgin at the moment , at good price is the 16gig 3g model, on a $45 cap plan, $0 per month for phone, includes $320 calls and 50meg data. 1st month also includes an extra 1gig data free.
  10. second N95. Works brilliant wit my scala, and other bluetooth stuff. awesome phone.
  11. I like my Samsung Omnia.
  12. I've gone from Nokia N80 to the N95 8Gb - nice phone but I find it a little slow at times.
  13. I had 2 ominas ,they are a pain in the arse to use . :roll:
    I had to down load programs off the internet to stop it from locking its self.
    .After 2 days I wanted to throw it against a wall ,it would call people if you just bump the touch screen ,then lock its self so you couldn't hang up :roll: .
    I took them back and kicked up a stink and got 2 other phones.

    It has its own site for people to try to live with the thing .samsung omnia org ....website.
    Its has info on how to fix all its problems.
  14. a good cheaper phone which meats most specs bar the e-ink would be a Nokia 6120, tough, reliable, good reception (next G version) reasonable camera, easy to use, good functionality and you can buy replacement housings if you bust it up
  15. The omnia is shocking in the sun... but a very capable phone but very hard to find any decent apps for it as winmo os is mainly usa stuff, e.g. a weather app.

    go to www.gsmarena.com - its the telco bible basically.
  16. I jumped from the Nokia bandwagon to a SE P1i and found it to be a pile of shit. Apparently it was their flagship phone too.

    To the iWagon for a 3GS I go.
  17. +1 scott. Go the iPhone. Has want you want. Have dropped mine a few times and still no problems. Plus if you do decide to have a play you wouldn't b eleft unhappy with it. On a $45 cap with any of the big carriers you can't go wrong.

    No matter what you choose, make sure you get price from all big companies and then call your current provider and ask to the customer relations team and push for a better deal. They will all do it if you are a current customer.
  18. It either uses both GSM and 3G or just GSM.
    I switched to GSM only.

    I was getting 2 - 2.5 days out of a battery before I switched to GSM only. Now it's more like 5 days depending on use.

    Settings -> Connectivity -> Mobile Networks -> GSM/3G Networks: GSM only

    Whatever you go for, if you're buying a new phone outright and want to get a decent price, I bought mine from http://www.simplymobiles.com.au/
    I wasn't sure about buying off the net; but they were fine. Trustworthy and reliable.
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    Thanks for all the input guys
    As suggested by davidp I checked out gsmarena.com
    and found the samsung u100
    5.9mm thick, weight 57g, basic (3.2mp) camera, just what i'm after
  20. GSM works fine along most highways & in metro (depends on which network of course).

    If you are a Telstra customer you're better off sticking to 3G as the Next G network is a heck of a lot better coverage wise than the older GSM network. For the others it depends on where you are but I'm finding friends with 3G2100 phones suffer more call drop outs when they are moving around than on GSM or Next G.