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Mobile phone photos - Let's see 'em

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by tubbsy, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. #1 tubbsy, Dec 21, 2010
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    Ok, most mobile phones now days have a decent camera in them, which means anyone can take a pic and anyone can share.

    I love just how good a picture a phone can take now days, so....post em if you got em! I'll start....

    Some more.....

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  2. Walking the dog at dusk....

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  3. Nice one Tweets, hope more people discover this thread. There's some cool pics to be had on phones.
  4. ...yeah, I always have the iPhone on me... so if I see something worth a pic it's handy!!... ;) I liked the beach shots you took!
  5. ..OMG Holly!!... that's loaded up!!.... :D
  6. haha that was my bike with all my shit on it loaded for the journey from Sydney, NSW, to Central QLD.
  7. Good god!! That's like having a passenger that doesn't lean with you. ;-)

    How did that feel? I'm not far off doing that trip too.
  8. [​IMG]

    Lunchtime today - I think it draws together the ATGATT and 7-11 threads nicely!
    But I couldn't hide my opinion - I walked past pissing myself at his kneesliders...
  9. You never know, if a heavy wind takes the sign over, he could need 'em. :D
  10. Prior to getting on the bike, I thought I wouldn't make it to the end of my 500 metre long driveway, so I was flipping out. My friend said we'd assess the situation at the end of the driveway. All was manageable by then, so then was flipping out about going the Berowra route, Berowra Waters ferry and then up the windey side heading north... I was a mess... VERY slow ride on any corners, let alone tight corners...

    Somehow made it through there, including not dropping it on the ferry getting on or off (I had so many fears about that ride on my driveway and berowra waters!!! hahaha), and then somehow made it to QLD :)

    It's a TOTAL biatch when the wind picks up, which it did for a few hours on two of the days (being in the far right hand part of the lane and then suddently, within seconds, being in the far left hand part of the lane... well, to say the least, it's f*ucking scary!).

    Apart from that, the extra luggage is good to lean back on, and on a bigger bike (mine's a 955), you barely feel it :)
  11. lol - now I wanna see a pic of him getting his knee down on that rig - that'd teach me...
  12. Nice sig nitekreeper !;)

    99% of my pics these days are on the phone.


  13. That, and he probably commutes on a sportsbike.
  14. I was thinking along the lines of OH&S, and his employer wouldn't accept plain denim...
    But it was still piss-funny: dude on a 50cc tripod with sliders, ffs.
  15. [​IMG] Me cooking up dinner, one of those colour programs used for effect.
  16. Sandy Bay, Hobart, looking towards Mt Wellington
    $40 Huawei / Virgin phone, 2 MP camera

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  17. Nice one - now you're talking: "city" of my youth...
  18. Over Kota Kinabalu bound for Jakarta. The sunset's warmth and radiance was very welcome after dodging large built-up Cumulonimbus clouds earlier on.....