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Mobile Phone Options?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cejay, May 10, 2007.

  1. If I was in the market for a new phone (and phone company) what are the realistic options open to me?

    I have some minimum requirements for a new phone. I really like my PDA phone (but it's a PITA and not all that reliable). I want to use WM5 as I am familiar with it and like its operation. My RW6828 is a nice size, just a little bigger than a phone and smaller than a conventional PDA.

    Phone service, I think* I want 3G and have the option for reasonable speed. I have a good home broadband connection which I am happy with, but it'd be nice to have the option to access the internet via a lappy or the PDA whilst out and about. Usage would be low.

    Coverage. I am with Optus currently. There coverage outside of Metro and large towns is not all that great. I spend most of my time within Metro and large towns, but I'd like to know that I can access services (if not 3G) for basic phone if required.

    I am happy to sign a contract for a new phone or, if it's reasonably priced, buy outright. I have no particular interest in the provider of the service, would prefer not to have Telstra (but accept I might have to). I am currently on a $49 cap which with Optus is $300 of value. I have never exceeded this cap.

    I find the telephone companies websites hideous to use. 3 seem to be the clearest to understand but their coverage seems the weakest. Optus have been good, but their website is a mass of confusion, the plans reasonably hard to understand. Vodafone also confuse me and Virgin are just way too funky for me!

    Anyone here truly understand the current offerings and can help?

    * Do I really want 3G? Or 3.5G. Or whatever.
  2. Owned a Dopod P800W for six weeks now. Very happy with it.

    Small, lightweight, built in GPS and bundled software for $1199 with 2GB memory card.

    Don't know anything about 3G though :oops:
  3. Three look quite good at the moment. When not in a Three network you roam to the Telstra network. Which, like it or not, is pretty full on.
  4. i have a palm treo 750, on the NextG network.
    yes, it is telstra....but i have always preferred telstra for mobiles, as they really do have the best coverage.

    NextG (UMTS 850) is the only way to go IMO, as it has the best coverage and fastest available data rates. It is the way all telco's will go in the future.

    the treo itself is ok.
    i had the choice between it and the jasjam (same as dopod).
    when i say choice, there wasnt any choice, work made the decision for me because they decided that the pull out keyboard was not sturdy enough for me to have as i work in a hostile environment :shock:
    the only real difference between the two (other than the keyboard) is that the jasjam had internal wifi capabilities. the palm requires a miniSD wifi card. this isnt an issue for me anyway, because my house runs wifi and also a bluetooth network.

    both run WM5 & have similar operating specs.
  5. +100, plus I run Good email client, love it. Oh the office can be pretty hostile as well!

    Oh for voice there is really no diff in the networks except for coverage.

    caps are good but saying $300 worth of value is wrong, because they jack up the rates to make it sound better, it is simpler to look at a last few bills and have a look at how many minutes and sms you use.
  6. OK, though I am loathe to give anything to Tesltra. If Three claim they roam to the Telstra network that *should* mean they have the same GSM coverage as Telstra. Which is just about everyone.

    Do I need 3G? Or is it a case 'That's all we have Sir'?

    My HP phone was great. Till I dropped it and showed it's great weakness. That being, the built quality average and when dropped, the el cheapo connection they use for the speaker breaks, meaning you can only use Bluetooth headsets to answer calls. + its only a 2.5G phone.
  7. yep great for voice, but you will get stung if you use it for data. They will charge $1.65 per MB when you roam off their 3G onto telsrea GSM/GPRS.

    So voice go for it, data run away.
  8. Shite. Looks like I might have to call into Telstra as well. Mind you, their data charges look steep.
  9. Compared to 3 on the surface yep, but remember if your data usage is more than 8% roaming you will pay more! Ya get's what ya pays for.
  10. I might just get a yoghurt cartoon and a long piece of string then. It's all tooooooo confusing. But that, I have worked out, is their big plan. Confuse the buggery out of you and get you to sign up for a well dodgy contract.
  11. Easy answer.

    3 are the way to go, their caps are pretty good. we don't use a home phone and I very rarely go over the $400 limit on my $69 plan.

    If you are out and about, they are generally ok around Melbourne.

    However, if you spend a lot of time touring, then there is nothing better than $smel$tra NextG

    Doit would have had service down the beaconsfield mine. He had service everywhere were as I had nothing.

    you can get the dopod 838pro on a $69 cap for 2 years, or you can pay through the nose with the big T and get excellent coverage.

    Depends on where you travel most, that would have the biggest impact on your decision.

    As for 3G, I hardly use it, occasionally I'll look at the NRL scores or I'll surf the web on it. Check Netrider, check my webmail, ewtc etc, its faster on 3G.
  12. I have a Samsung A501 NextG phone.

    As a phone it's great. Looks OK, tactile feel to the buttons and a good screen. Useless in daylight, though.

    Coverage-wise, gettting near that of CDMA where CDMA while better than GSM was still patchy.

    Data speeds - telstra claims "high speed HSPDA" network. best that I could get was around 230 kbps. Also had problems with slow speed browsing the phone's internal browser. It locked up or produced errors, mostly errors, though. Tried a 3rd party one. Not much better.

    Dear as poison. $60 data bill just for installing bookmarks and testing that they work. Netbanking, email, weather forecast, weather radar, Age newspaper news. The stuff that you'd want when away on a bike trip.

    Not many sites, and not much to test. But still cost me 60 bux.

    You can get a data pack, 30 bux for 70 megs. Use that up in a few days just browsing one or two sites, downloading email and a dozen Usenet newsgroups (all aus.* ones so they aren't that big).

    Missus has a 3G Nokia. Out here on normal GSM its internet browsing is slower than my NextG one by a significan margin. When in a 3G are, say, around Narre Warren Sth, it's faster, but nothing to write home about.

    Anyway, I've since placed an internet bar on my NextG phone. Don't need the 3G side of things and don't want to be ripped off for it.

    I'd suggest that unless you're a business type whose employer would pay the phone bills or if you're rich and nerdy, then avoid any form of 3G. Use your ADSL/Dialup at home or at work and when away, forget about computers, internet and stuff. Enjoy yourself and your holiday or whatever with your friends.