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VIC Mobile phone laws

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Greydog, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. I always thought us P platers couldn't use phones/hands free full stop?
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  2. I think they should ban cars
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  3. Only P1 (or Red P's) are banned at the moment.

    Besides seeing someone touch their phone to activate hands free to answer the call, (and I'd hope they wouldn't get done for that even though technically you can) If they aren't holding the phone how can you enforce it? If I got pulled over for talking on my hands free I would just say that I was singing to the radio.
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  4. And that would be a whole different offence for some people:D
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  5. Ha ha, they haven't got a fine big enough for that offence. :rofl:
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  6. Lying to the police is a criminal offence.

    Quoted for posterity.
  7. I have a theory :)rolleyes: ). It's the same one that psychologists have suggested for decades and it says that punitive measures are ineffective when the people don't agree with the moral basis of the rule.
    THe public supported the original .05 laws because they understood and agreed that there was a problem that needed fixing. Morally, they supported the new rules.
    I don't think they all believe that mobile phone use on the road is wrong. Increasing penalties will just lead to increasing penalty revenue, not changed behaviour.
    I'm not in favour of letting idiots do what they want, but I don't think you get far by treating adults as naughty little boys and girls.
    To be honest, I think the answer to this one is refining the technology, not increased fines.
  8. Some of the new cars in the states have tech fitted so that parents of young drivers can activate (PIN protected) that disrupts all mobile transmissions inside the car unless the car is stopped & the handbrake applied.
    Maybe a better alternative to fines. Have to catch them first.
  9. they should just make it legal to use your phone at the lights, would solve the issue i think, or at least encourage drivers to use their phones a bit more responsibly, if your not moving there is no issue with using your phone besides you might miss the jump on the lights.

    It needs to be realised that mobile phone useage is only going to increase and be more important, and that people are going to spend more and more time in their cars in traffic and seek a distraction.

    They need to be more realistic, the laws we have in NSW are just stupid now, you can only use your phone if you buy a special cradle? stupidity at its finest, how does having the phone mounted right in the way of your vision make it any safer... all it does is make it easier to bust people as the cops can just assume no phone cradle = phone in lap = fine

    Im a rider and i use my phone.
  10. Why dont they put that as an adr requirement rather than the distance between blinker bullshit that we have now.
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    Laws in Vic are the same.
    Must be fitted in a commercially available device. (cradle)
    So can't do a DYI!!!

    I've got one in the cage, plugs into the ciggy lighter, tunes into the radio so it uses the radio for the hands free speakers.
    Added bonus, I can play my own music through it.

    I use the phone on the bike too, but that's through the Bluetooth headset.
  12. I'd be quite happy to ban all mobile phone use when driving or riding. There are too many other distractions as it is.

    I have message bank. I can return important calls after I've arrived at my destination.
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  13. Bring on suspensions for repeat offenders.
  14. Won't stop those sorts of people.
    They just take the risk of getting caught (again), pay the fine & keep on doing it.
    Happens all the time.
  15. Am i just being TOO critical of EVERYTHING the TAC puts their name on these days?

    I heard that "our most inexperienced drivers won't be able to use phones while driving" and the first thing i thought of was... What about our most inexperienced phone operators? most teenagers can use their phone blindfolded... buggered if my mum can... first she needs to find her reading glasses.
  16. Allowing phone use at red lights...are you kidding, the dozzy pricks in most cages need written invitations to get moving after the lights go green without any added distractions....
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  17. they still won't just confisticate their phones. might be effective if they did that
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  18. Like going faster than the speed limit? ;)

    There are all sorts of laws that large numbers of people don't agree with, but that isn't the real problem.

    The real problem is adding laws which are, for the most part, difficult to enforce and little effort is put into enforcement.

    I ride fairly regularly on Pennant Hills Road, and, if I got a dollar for ever time I saw a person with a mobile in their hand while driving, I'd put in my order for the HP4 right now.

    As for the clowns with the mobile tucked between their ear and their shoulder, so they can drive and talk and take notes! They deserve shooting!
  19. Now if someone sold a unit to fit on a motorbike that disrupted mobile calls for a 5 metre radius, I'd buy one. :)
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