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Mobile Phone Java Applications

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. Just bought a you beaut 3G phone. It has a built in organiser but it's limited in functionality. I need something that I can use more effectively to manage my roster, for example.

    It runs Java apps. But so far all I can find are games. I did download Opera, a mini-browser that performs better than the built in one. But that's about it for Java apps, so far.

    So if anyone here knows of some sites where I can download Java apps other than games or photo albums could you tell me where to look?

  2. [Mod: Post removed .. illegal content] [-X :deal:
  3. Thanks, but I don't want games. I'm after a decent personal organiser.
  4. Is it Symbian?

    Checkout http://www.handango.com/ or http://mobile.yahoo.com/
  5. The content wasn't illegal, well.. it might've been. but you assumed it was. It could've been freeware, deletion of my post is rude.
  6. Found this a while back, free java and symbian games and applications, some shareware though, you might find something your after.

  7. Thanks folks for the help, links, etc..

    Jason, the phone's a Samsung A501. It's one of the new NextG phones. It runs Java apps. I do not know what O/S is on the mobile.

    Anyway, the links that I checked had nothing that I need in the way of organisers. But, I've bookmarked them in case something does come up.
  8. Ahhh the rush to get the latest must have all talked up piece of crap from telstra, that in the end IS NOT what you wanted.
  9. Charmed, are you refering to me and my choice of phones? If so, then the phone pretty well is what I wanted, insofar as 3G phones go. My only gripe is the built in organiser. Everything else with the phone is fine, including its most important feature - its network performance.
  10. Im just talking in general, telstra have a good nack of talking there latest wiz bang gizmos up to the hilt only for it not deliver what they promise.

    As for network performance lol yeah ok bring up my way & lets see how it goes. CDMA certainly didnt live up to promies made for this part of world, & there mobile network coverage still leaves a lot to be desired.

    If your happy with it great, but one of the most important feature for you is not what you wanted & that to me seems like a total waste of money.