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Mobile Phone gurus - pls read

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by sarz, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Okay so I fu*cked my phone, fully

    Its a Nokia 6288, dropped it, cracked the lcd screen, bought a new screen off ebay, fitted it, no probs all good ...then 2 weeks later the screen light started to intermittently die ..worked out that I hadn't clipped some part in properly ...pushed it back in, all good .......until tonight, only this time I was at the pub, drunk, and probably "fixed" it with too much force ...long story short - drunkenly cracked the sh*its, destoyed the phone fully, no life whatsoever
    Parts are bent / broken / smashed

    Yes ...temper

    ....problem is i had my contacts saved on the phone, not the sim - is there any remote chance of retrieving them? Phone is now beyond repair, are contacts saved on the 'phone' actually stored with the Telco, or am I at a loss?

    I only ask you all cause it's 1am ...I wil call them in the morning, but here's hoping for an answer sooner..

    cheers peeps
  2. They are stored on the chip in the phone.

    It will need surgery to retrieve them unless you have a plan that allows you to sync to your phone provider like 3 does.

  3. Yes, valium it is
  4. Any chance of connecting it to a PC and downloading data?
    As long as you can get some power to it it should be ok.
  5. Miss this bit????

  6. The SIM will have some contacts on it, anything that overflows once the sim is full will be on phone memory. Take it to nokia centre and they'll likely be able to salvage the data.
  7. Nope. I saw that Vic. :wink:
    No life as a phone may be different to a slight pulse for other uses :LOL:

    I'm glad I dont drink :p
  8. as 2wheels said, you could rig something up to drip feed it some juice, while the pc does all the computing, a long shot, but what do you have to loose? ;)
  9. Bingo

    Well I was at a loss, then trusty male stepped in and did just that - somehow (??) managed to give it the tiniest bit of life, just to get my contacts onto my laptop. So yay, have contacts, and yay also, new phone's in the mail

    Thanks for all your replies :)
  10. that sounds like an excessive way to start a new life.....

    just think of all the new people you'll get to meet when you get a new phone and they start calling your old number :p
  11. Is that an apology I can hear Vic? :LOL:
  12. From her or me??

    She stated no life. I could only make the post that I did with the evidence presented before me :p