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Mobile phone fun stuff

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ksystemz, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. i got it for anyone who wants it just msg here
  2. yeah, i'll take it :D
    is it good?

    I love ring tones *nods*

    actually, may we hi-jack this thread and use it as a phone related media thread?

    everyone post your vid's in the right format for phones, your funny/cool/etc ringtone mp3's, and your photos or wallpapers :D

    i'll start when i get back from physio
  3. ok, here we go.

    http://www.vicstreetscene.com/crossover/Bleep_Generic.mp3 <-- crappy.. american accent of some new york'ian swearing at you to answer your phone.

    http://www.vicstreetscene.com/crossover/Sound_Advice.mp3 <-- quite funny, worth having on your phone :D

    http://www.vicstreetscene.com/crossover/Turbo Rotor.mp3 <-- Turbo Rotor in a high pitched voice (not lame like the frog. tis funny :D)

    http://www.vicstreetscene.com/crossover/Turbo frog.mp3 <-- labelled the turbo frog, but it's not from the same people. it's actually pretty funny, cooler doses :p

    thats all i've got for now
  4. Yeah, I'll have the first two!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Can you text the funny indian guy to 0418 219 330? :grin:
  6. I'd like the indian guy too if some one can send it to me
    0410388486 :)
  7. Does anyone have the screaming message one??? Makes me laugh everytime I hear it
  8. One of the ladies I was at the GP with recorded the F18 as it did its fly overs....
    she uses it as here sms alert/tone now!