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Mobile phone darters

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Bikerbird2, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. After riding over 9 years and having more near misses than I can count, Sunday arvo was the scariest yet. I came around the blind corner into our street only to find the lady that was going straight ahead to the traffic light decided to dart across in front of me to the corner shop car park. Already a car was at the driveway to exit so I had nowhere to go.
    I saw her bonnet and realized that's where I would be, I will never forget the feeling. Lo and behold, she decided to wham the brakes big time and lurch the car. Between her braking and mine (I don't like the brakes on my new Ducati) I was saved.
    Have a good day guys and take care!

  2. i had a wanker open his door on me as I putt putted through a parking lot yesterday arvo, didnt look just opened the door, the panice button 'jam on the brakes' did it, scared the fark outta me, some people!!
    good thing it was a slwo speed, reckon my jocks are cleaner though lol
  3. Ride a push bike for a few days.

    Report back with findings.

    I expect a mirror as a token of appreciation for every door opened on you.
  4. Yep, you definitely learn to look for it
  5. I see it daily when riding thru town or home, understand why pushies shold have their own lane, but still cars WILL open doors without looking
  6. I know "someone" who has been known to (after altercation with car on the pushie) grab the keys out of the ignition, through the open window after the cagers abuse then throw the keys....and ride off into the sunset.

    Or this other time...

    Back on topic, car doors can be a huge pain in the ass
  7. You're just doing it wrong or should I say :worthlesspics:
  8. 3rd'ed, i've been riding down Sydney Rd and Swanston St to work recently. Crazzzy sh*t.
  9. +1 for pushie commuting......

    I am a cyclist and was a commuter cyclist for 6+ years......I tell you what - nothing hones the radar and those spidey senses more than riding a relatively silent push bike through the city.....

    I've had it all, hit by cabs, pedestrians stepping out, courier van door opened in the face, mum in 4x4 bare down on me then turn left in front of me taking me to the ground.......ummm, let me see.......

    Point is - I reckon pushie riding can be a real eye opener to the commuter motorcyclist (which I am now)....