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Mobile Phone Advice needed

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ZX9rB3, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Hi all, can anyone recommend a no frills mobile phone that has a good organiser? What I need is a phone that will allow me to set meetings or appointments and set an alarm to go off every minute or so until I tell it to stop. I have a Samsung D500 and it has all the bells and whistles but it only goes off once so if I miss it, I miss my meeting. I hope that all makes sence. If anyone can recommend me a phone that does the above I would be grateful.


  2. If you wanted simply the overall best phone (not including PDA-style phones) in terms of functionality, I'd have to recommend the Sony Ericsson K800i (or the slightly older K750i if you don't want a 3G phone).

    That said, I cannot for the life of me think of a phone that lets you determine how often you should be reminded by an alarm.
  3. I've got a Nokia phone...... I don't know what type because the only numbers I can find on it are on the keypad but it's got a really cool little torch that you can use to see your keys in the dark....and it's got an alarm that has a snooze button. :grin:
  4. I've got the Sony Ericsson w810i and i love it :D

    well, it has many many organiser thingys, i suggest going and speaking to someone at a phone shop.
  5. Haha, I knew this thread would turn into a "I dunno, but my phone does this!" thread. Poor bloke.
  6. I have a nokia 3120, It's about as basic as it gets - no camera ect.

    I'm pretty sure the message alarm will go until it is turned off.

    I paid $130 (or something like that for it) brand new and not locked to any networks
  7. I think most (nokia) phones have this feature - mine has it and its a $170 prepiad one - 6610i

    the only thing im not sure of if it rings forever - it may just turn off after a minute of ringing - i really dont know sorry

    Thats a image of it

    If you are going to be typing alot of messages - it may be wise to buy a phone with a bigger keyboard. I have a fat hand so typing on the keypad is a bit time consuming (but not really hard :wink: )

    EDIT - oops i forgot to mention - its kinda 1 (small) step up from a no-frills phone. It has a small camera but is too small to actually be useful.

    hope this helps
  8. Thanks all, it looks like it back to a basic nokia. :)