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Mobile number finder

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by E2W, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Hi, Guys.

    Maybe one of the tech heads on the forum can help me. A customer paid me with a cheque that bounced for a service that I did on his bike. I've got his mobile number and when I rang him to tell him the cheque got returned he told me to **** off and hung up. So, the question is can you track someone with their mobile number? Would be very nice to find out where this guy lives and go say hello.

    PS: From now on no more cheques will be taken as payment!

  2. If the cheque bounced and he has no intent on paying you then it is Fraud.
    So have a chat to your local Police.
    They hit him for fraud and you then get the money out of him.
  3. I wasnt old enough to pay bills in the 80's :)P)

    but dosent the cheque have his name on it. try checking up the white pages?

    Also might be a good idea to get peoples addresses when you do a service.
  4. Tried the white pages but nothing came up. The cops gave me a crime number to the matter but apart from that they dont seem that intrested. I think it's a case of he'll get caught sooner or later passing off the cheques and thats when they'll nab him. The only connection to him that seems valid is his mobile number. Even the bike had QLD plates on it.
  5. It was probably stolen. Did you get its VIN? Perhaps Vicroads or the RTA (or whoever) could trace it...
  6. Na, Im only a small shop and usually take the rego for the invoice and thats about it. I think it one of those things that I'll just have to put down to experiance and move on.
  7. Unless you know someone in the telco industry I don't think so. And even then they may lose their job for supplying you with that info. (Don't know any legals that go with that either)

    What I would be doing is calling his number up every 10 minutes everyday just to be an annoying prick. You may not get your money back but you will atleast have thesatisfaction of knowing that your making his life miserable. The guy may turn his phone off but it will have to remain off all day everyday.

    Also, if he paid by cheque then it probably has his name on the cheque (assuming that the account is in his name), jump on yellow/whitepages and see if you can track him, assuming that he lives near your business, and assuming his name isn't John Smith.

    Edit: I started writing this at the beginning but had to leave it for 10 minutes to serve a customer, so it was all valid when I hit submit :LOL:
  8. Any NR's in the telco indusry want to put their hand up for this one? I feel like Im doing this -> ](*,)
  9. I hope you find him. "Good Luck"
  10. I used a debt collection agency when I had a business. They presell you a load of dockets (costed about $70 for 5) then take 10-15% of what they recover. On most occassions they come through although you will def lose this customer (no great loss i suppose) and the customer generally calls to tell you that and they were going to pay the day the debt collector called and then proceed to call you every name under the sun.

    I'll see if I still have their details around.

    Best bet though is to get everyones address (even those just wanting quotes), helps with getting paid, advertising and best of all increases the overall value of your business when the time comes to sell.
  11. Like I said Im only a small shop and I do place lots of trust in the people that come here but I think from now on I've got to get more details from people who come here. Never mind, it was a last atempt to find the twat but I think it time to move on and just take the (expensive) lesson on the chin.
  12. O.K. Cops are being useless. raise a Fraud complaint against his account with the bank.
    It wasn’t Fraud until he told you to F#$k off.
    The F#$k off can be considered a statement of an intent to not pay.
    As such it is now a Fraud case.
  13. How much is the bill actually worth ?

    If your feeling really really keen then try a reputable private investigator/debt collector. Don't try any of the online sites that promise the world, they are useless.

    However if the guy is dodgy then he won't be traceable through his mobile number or the cheque.

    If it was me then I'd just write it off. I doubt you would get anyone willing to risk their career to look up a mobile number anyway. Most computer systems are heavily monitored and logged.
  14. If it's a prepaid, you probably wont be able to reverse find him.

    Name, describe and shame him Pete. What did he look like, what was the bike and what's the name the guy used? Perhaps the grapevine can find the guy for you...

    On the cheque front, you can take the policy position "no more cheques" or at the top of the job go the "cheque's are fine, but you'll have to be able to provide me with a minimum 100 points of ID or equivalent". Anyone who baulks is worth being suspicious of.

    Personally if you were doing a big job for me, I might not feel comfy rocking up with $1000 in my pocket in cash, so I'd prefer to go the cheque route. Come to think of it, you might not feel too comfy with big wads of cash lying around so cheque's might be better from that point of view...

    Definitely something to think about mate.

  15. Right on.
  16. http://www.mirusonline.com.au/

    This website is the old reverseonline.com.au website.

    You have to pay a little to use it, but it DOES work. If there have been any public records with him on it, they will have it. It searches databases of public details for reverse listings.

    Personally I checked for my own details, as I know how anal I have been about protecting them. It found me, so I have no doubt it would find many others. Best of luck
  17. put up his name number and rego and bike model

    maybe someone know of this looser

    or he has facebook etc...

    name and shame!
  18. Do a google search for his phone number (sometimes it can produce results if he has a business and an online presence).

    If you want to annoy him, rather than frequent call, sms him frequently asking politely for payment (don't threaten it puts you in the wrong). Even if his phone is turned off the messages will stack up till he turns it on - if you have any mates with free sms deals on their phones get them to do it as well.

    I know there's at least one person here who used to have a debt-collection business (where are you Brian26146 you miserable old fart?) and he may be able to offer advice.
  19. post several ads on gumtree for cut-price bikes and "services"