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Mobile Mechanic!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by discocbr, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Just wondering why nobody out there has started a mobile motorcycle mechanics business in sydney?Looks like there could be a bit of a nich in the market are a few around in melbourne but none in sydney.With the pain in the ass it is to drop your bike off and pick it up all in business hours with no service departments open on weekends?

  2. there's a bloke in liverpool running around doing bikes, he does cars as well.

    I'm surpised there's not more , especially for all scooters out there.

    I have a mobile bloke service my navara, he charges $160 to service my turbo desiel, normally costs a bit more at the shop + i get a real mechanic doing the servicing not the apprentice.

    I agree definetly a niche market mobile motorbike services.
  3. exactly not the apprentice!Plus you wouldnt get the surprise i got thru the week rocking up a day early than i was suppose to to pick my bike up to see it in the pissing down rain!!!!gave them the full going over was not impressed!!!!!!!!
  4. Did you note the irony of then having to ride the same bike home in the rain? Or, did you believe leaving the bike in the rain for a short period of time would harm it?
  5. There are a couple of mobile M/C mechanics in Sydney, but for some reason does not seem as popular as it is in Melbourne. I know from my experience that I would rather work on a customers bike in a well equipped workshop than in their garage/carport/open area.

    Tex & Bundy