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Mobile call may be to blame

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pete, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. From http://www.theage.com.au/news/national/mobile-call-may-be-to-blame/2007/04/14/1175971393756.html

    A truck driver talking on a mobile phone may have triggered the fatal chain of events in Melbourne's Burnley tunnel last month that left three people dead.

    The phone call, allegedly received by the truck driver seconds before his semi-trailer ploughed into three vehicles in the tunnel, will come under scrutiny at a coronial inquest on Monday.

    It's believed the call was made by the owner of the truck, who was talking to the driver when the crash occurred, newspapers reported today.

    Three people died in the horror smash and fireball deep within the cross-city tunnel on March 23.

    It is believed the truck driver was questioned by police this week over the call and could face charges.

    If convicted of culpable driving causing death he faces up to 20 years' jail.

    Police believe the driver may have been distracted by the phone call and unaware a truck with a flat tyre had caused the closure of the tunnel's left lane and reduced the speed limit from 80Km/h to 60Km/h.

    A brief coronial hearing will be held on Monday into the deaths of Olympic cyclist Damian McDonald, Geoffrey Kennard and Darren Sporn, who were killed in the fiery eight-vehicle pile-up.

    A spokeswoman for the court said the families of the victims had been advised.

    Mr McDonald, 34, represented Australia at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, and had just become a father when he was killed.

    He was married to Melbourne Phoenix team manager, Bree McDonald.

    Mr Sporn, 37, was travelling to a work appointment in South Melbourne when he was caught in the carnage. Mr Kennard 51, lived in Essendon and was a courier.


  2. If there was ever proof needed that talking on a mobile whilst driving is dangerous.......
  3. he may have had a perfectly legal handsfree bluetooth setup as many drivers do, it's clutching at straws that article.
  4. Spot on.

    The paper needed a hole to fill and decided to do what they do best...fill holes with rubbish.

    He may have been adjusting his 18" shlong too no one knows what the go is, the papers speculate all time.

    The coroner will make the ultimate decision that caused the triple fatality.
  5. Gee, how many people use THOSE? I would wager that it's not a majority.
  6. Many company vehicles do.
  7. true for some. my dad is a coach driver. the company installed handsfree systems in every one of their vehicles. i have 4 linesman friends that have them in their vans. they might be the minority but their is little to no evidence in this report to support that he didn't use one. a mobile phone record is circumstantial. if i was that truck driver i'd pull my little headset wire out of the box it's in and tell 'em to prove it wasn't in use at the time.
  8. The interesting thing is with my understanding of the Law is that by definition Bluetooth units are not legal to use because to make a call you need to pick up the actual phone and dial, then put it down so the headset takes over.

    With proper car kits because the phone becomes a vehicle fixture you can legally play with the buttons, it's no different to using the radio or fixed GPS unit in the car.

    My record is something like 4 hours on one call trying to solve a network problem while driving towards it in FEG (Far East Gippsland), using a car kit of course. I'm glad the call cost didn't come up on my phone bill.......
  9. Auto answer. :wink:
  10. You didn't read it too well did you.

    I commented on making not receiving a call.......
  11. Voice prompting then :p
  12. The article says that the owner of the truck made the call. Therefore the driver would answer the call using any one of the ways to pick up the phone (on my BT Headset you touch a little button).
  13. Hmm, seems like I'm the one behind the times. Is that a worrying sign for an IT tech? :?