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Mobil Fuel (slight rant)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Lobsta, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Been trying out all the different breeds of premium fuel on offer, for shits and giggles. needed to fill up today and was passing a mobil and hadnt tried them yet, so i pulled up to a bowser and picked the more expensive one. available at that bowser was either '2000' or '6000'. not knowing what the numbers meant, i went with the more expensive one (6000). nowhere on the pump does it mention octane rating, which i have been looking at when trialing all these fuels. i somehow got it into my head that the owner's manual said to use fuels with higher than 97 octane (which i had been doing). it actually says 91, but in my defense, a '1' looks a lot like a '7' when you are an idiot.

    so i go in to pay and ask the dude what the octane rating is on the 6000. and he says, "its 96. thats why its called 6000" as if that was the most obvious thing ever and hands me a pamphlet on it... in said pamphlet it turns out that mobil 6000 is, wait for it, 95 octane? WTF? firstly, would any normal person really be able to make the apparently easy step (according to the servo monkey) from 6000 to 96? like, ffs, if you are gonna go all fancy and put thousands into the name of your fuel, then at least show octane ratings on bowsers somewhere. i inspected the entire bowser when i went back to my bike and it was nowhere. it seems that the only place in the entire servo where it mentions the octane rating of the different fuels is the pamphlet in the store.

    on a sorta related note, i have been happiest with the bp premium. dont know which one it was, it was the most expensive one that wasnt diesel. BP-super-duper-triple-whammy-amazing-premium or something. it gave me more kms to a tank; i filled up at 270 as i usually do and its usually 14L but it was 12L after the bp. gonna run a few consecutive tanks of bp through to see if it makes a big difference.


  2. I too have been most happy with BP Ultimate

    Was the Mobil the one on mains road?

    I dunno if the turn over for premium fuel there is actually high.. seems like noone fills up there.

    Some bikes however run better on 91 octane fuel than 98. It's got something to do with how they've been tuned etc i guess ;S
  3. make sure u ride EXACTLY the same as you do normally on every tank.

    simply having a bit more fun, or reving harder through the gears, keeping the revs higher or lower will change your consumption.

    i normally get around 300km per tank before reserve.
    on the way to sydney, sitting on $1.40 for the most of the first tank (to bairnsdale at 250km), i was worried to hit reserve at 240km, and scrap into bairnsdale and top up without having to push :LOL:

    then it clicked, sitting at 10,500 revs instead of 8,000 made a fair difference over 12L of tank.

    my longwinded point is dont expect an accurate comparison, unless u can control your riding conditions very well. to me, fuel is fuel, i jsut buy the cheap shit as lnog as there's no ethanol :grin:
  4. lol wow i get 150 ks outa a tank of my gpx :(
    keep us posted.
    Althou some would argue it doesnt make much/any diffrence
  5. wtf he gets 270km and u get 150km per tank?
    whats the dealio, the huge diff in age of the bikes?
  6. pods jets exhust plus mine barely gets a chance to idle for any longer than 3 secs before im choking it again.
  7. Quick and simple:

    BP Ultimate is the best 98 octane you can get hands down. No if buts or ands. The next best is V-Power... which I think is crap... so anything less than is not worth the effort to mention.

    Unless you have an older bike built around 91 octane (things get fuzzy here, as this will apply to bikes in the early days of unleaded fuel due to super as it was called was a higher octane at the time). Then any 91 octane fuel that doesn't contain ethonal is good.

    Racing fuels are a different matter completely and come under different tuning and applications to road vehicles. (safety vs power)

    I work for a shell... so I prefer people put in v-power over the 91 octane if the car is half decent, other cars are fine with 95 octane. Nobody should use ethonal imo as it's shithouse for various reasons.

    Stick to BP and use the ultimate, and for best results get your bike tuned with it. Then again, come in and say hello at my work. Had a guy with a GPX turn up recently and thought it might be you lobsta but it was some random.

    Shell corner of logan and nursery road next to the old fire station which is now a cop shop =D

    BP Ultimate, best power, best economy and least BS (also most expensive :-( )
  8. I personally get best results with Caltex Vortex 98, with BP Ultimate coming in at a close second, but with reduced economy. Don't mind V-Power, and Mobil 8000 is okay too.

    All of the 95 Octanes work just fine too, with the regular Vortex coming in as the best.

    Meh, I think some people get too picky over fuels. If there's 98 octane there somewhere, I'll use it in preference. If there's 95 octane, no worries.

    I'll only use 91 octane if I absolutely have to, as the bike is rated for 95+, and then I'll typically estimate how long to make it to the next 95/98 station and only put in just enough 91 (mixed with whatever 95/98 is already in the tank) to get me there.
  9. In the Silvia i found BP Ultimate to be the most consistent fuel when tuning.

    Got dud batches of V-Power a few times when tuning, and found it limited the power considerably (due to detonation); never had any issues with the Ultimate.
  10. My bike is on the other end of the spectrum - I was told by the dealer not to put anything higher than 91RON. But then again, it's not exactly a performance bike :grin:

    I had a similar drama trying to fill up. Get to the bowser, and there is this 6000, 8000 rubbish as well. Go to grab the 'regular', only to find, that this is the Ethanol blend (had to read the small writing - it wasn't made very clear). The 'regular' petrol (ie RON91) was labelled 'Premium'.

    I think it's bad enough that they're selling that E10 rubbish, let alone trying to trick us into buying it.
  11. you cant really go by octane. just dont go below what your manual recommends otherwise your facing detonation.

    on high revving bike engines, it would be interesting to test these fuels on a dyno. butt dynos dont count unfortunately.

    different brands of fuel will also create varying amounts of torque throughout the rev range of the engine
  12. Some of you are giving out poor advice here. Bikes with lower compression will not run any better on higher octane fuel, however the fuel additives can keep things running nicer.

    On a gpx250, zzr250, or similarly non high compression bike, you should run 91. From a gpx you should be able to get 400kms before switching to reserve, and then 50 left on reserve (18L tank) - so if you're not getting that you're thrashing it, making a mistake with the fuel, something is stuffed, or a combination.

    On my zzr250 I ran 91 almost all of the time. I put in some bp ultimate from time to time for the nice additives, but 99% of the fuel I ever put in it was 91. The higher octane fuel didn't make any difference. My SV is the same, higher octane makes no difference.

    I do run my fireblade on 98 though, I haven't tried 95 yet but I will be to see if it runs as well and gets similar mileage. And yeah I'll do the test on the freeway doing the same speed in the same conditions to get some sort of comparable results.
  13. im just interested to find out that 6000 mobil is 95 ron.. yipf*^kenee.. my car... yes my car will be happy as now even BP is ditching the 95 i hear..
  14. I'm actually convinced my VTR250 runs better on plain jane 91 octane than any of the more expensive fuels.
  15. mine runs smoother on 91 although the odd ping at about 6K under load. using 95 removes the ping but roughs it up a little..time for a little forced induction.. single screw supercharger under the seat.
  16. funny thing is
    i usually chuck in 95 or 98 octane fuel into my hornet
    however, everytime i have the premium fuel in my tank all I can smell is petrol from my exhaust lol

    I actually tried Vpower vs Ultimate recently.. i found that the Hornet likes the Ultimate better. seems to be a tad more responsive and have better fuel economy
  17. i get a bit of a fual smell on 95.. different flash point causing lack of burn i would say. funny thing is even though mine is set up for 91 the guys at kwaka say to use 95.
  18. I've found that my Spada runs best on 95 octane. Noticable improvement in performance over 91 octane.
  19. For what it's worth, when I bought my bike from PSM, the salesperson recommended I use either Mobil 8000 or BP Ultimate. I can't feel/see/tell much difference between these two fuels. I don't mind the extra money for these fuels, as I don't use my bike as a daily commuter.

    I've been told by mates (they're no experts, mind u!) to steer clear from Shell fuel. They never could give me a clear explanation as to why. Something about the fuel leaving a residue in the motor...
  20. Exactly right; unless you need the ability for the higher octane fuel to resist detonation your not really gonna get the most out of the more expensive fuels unless you get a re-tune (the higher octane fuel has a slower burn so you really should make adjustments to your timing maps to suit).

    Lifting the base timing can net some better gains but lifts the timing through the entire map so can lead to issues of its own if your not careful.