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Mo-vember Update.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by thedragonreborn, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Well Ladies and Gents,

    Its about time I posted a PIC of my disgusting Mo....... If your not aware of what movember is, then hit this site www.movember.com.au for details.


    As you can see its kinda coming along quite well and you will never believe, but I actually managed to grab some digits on friday night! CHICKS dig the MO ;-)

    If you got a giggle out of my Mo, please donate (search Stephen Wright on the donate section of the site)

    Also the highest bidding Netrider will have the privilege of deciding the shape of my Mo at the end of the month. The winning Netrider will get and exclusive invite to my place where they will shape my Mo, then accompany me to the Gala ball, where the beers will be flowing.. OH yeah!

    Ladies bid bid bid for this piece of a$$.... ahhahaha

    Currrently LOZ is the winning bidder... :-S (SAVE ME)
  2. Ladies = dig it!

    Girls = not so much.

    The mo' adds 20 years to you, dude :p
  3. Whoever bid's highest - give him a penis shaped mo :D

    somehow :\
  4. LOL :LOL:
  5. Ladies,

    The final update! pRon Stars unite baby! I think it looks good! what do you think ladies? it was abit of fun! We raised over $500.. Sweeeeet


    LOZ you freak! Give us an update! How much did ye raise? I know you x-factor stars must pull chicks as well as some sponsor cash!

  6. no wonder David Duchovny isn't on TV anymore !! :LOL:

    I didn't know you were doing movember !
    I thought you were just going Boheimian !! :p

    I wanna see Ferret's attempt !!
    He was talking himself up early in the month !!