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MMMTS Tyre Fitting Mobile Service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by MMMTS, May 14, 2012.

  1. Hi and Welcome to
    Metro Mobile Motorcycle Tyre Service ( MMMTS)

    Our Hours of operation are :

    Monday to Friday 9am-6pm
    Saturday's 9am-5pm
    Call outs are available Monday - Friday 10.30am -4pm ( conditions apply)
    CLOSED on Sundays & Public Holidays
    After hrs by appointment

    We supply & fit A Grade Premium Tyres ! Contact us for a quote.

    Basic Strip fit and balance will cost $20*per wheel if supplied loose.

    Basic Strip fit and balance will cost $30*per wheel if on bike.

    We are unable to supply/fit or repair cruiser & scooter tyres .

    Tyre repairs will cost $10 per hole repair (if the tyre can be repaired) & $30* for strip/fit

    Tubes will cost $25 supply (in most cases) & $30*strip/fit

    Standard rubber wheel valves cost $5 each

    Mobile tyre fitting/repair call outs will cost $30 per visit Melbourne metro area : 10.30am- 4pm (tolls extra ) I require ample parking for the Ute & trailer ( 3 carpark minimum ) and overhead cover if it's raining .
    Mobile tyre fitting outside of the melb metro area by arrangement.

    Emergency/accident pickup by arrangement ( may incur extra charges )

    Other work by arrangement.

    As this is a Mobile Business and operated by one person on a full time basis ,
    Please text me for a quote and someone will get back to you as soon
    as we can ,
    Please be patient .

    Cheers Team MMMTS.

    0413 335 598
    We've now been in operation for a little over 4 years .
    Thankyou all for your continued support !

    All work and tyres guaranteed !

    * conditions apply & prices are subject to change.
    Please go to our Facebook page for further information & updates

    Metro Mobile Motorcycle Tyre Service
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  2. This service is for people who like to buy from the Internet and who don't like paying HUGE prices to get them fitted.
  3. Do you have Metzler Z8's to fit a Blackbird,

    I live in Lilydale,

    You can PM me the prices,
  4. G'day MMMTS,

    Just to help clarify what sounds like a greate deal, is there a service fee per tyre on top of the call out charge?? Is there a definition of "metro area"??


  5. I don't sell Metzeler, but I believe they are very expensive so you may find them hard to get.
  6. Thank you,

    Metzler's are very expensive, But they dont slip in any of the crap conditions I ride in,

    Cost doesn't come into it when my neck is on the line, And there is not much rubber on the road,

    I might have to buy them on line and get you to fit them,

    Half the price from USA compared to here,
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    My definition of metro is 50K radius from Melb GPO.
    And no other fee on top of the call out fee.

    No problem deadman, just give me a call.
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  8. 25 bux to come to Sydney, bargain :)
  9. Where in the west are you located? I have one wheel of my race bike that might need a swap over (I have some spare tyres but not sure which is good :?) and a balance.
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    Hi phongus......PM Sent.

    Nice idea goz, could do with a holiday lol but not coming for $25.00 again lol
  11. So you only do melbourne metro.. so coming to the peninsula would be pretty expensive then?

    i don't need new tyres, just got some a month or so ago.. just wondering.
  12. No sorry, way to far for me but you could try streetmaster, he does a great job.
  13. Great idea!
    So this means I don't have to figure out logistics of getting bike in somewhere to get them changed and then either finding a way to get back to work (& collecting bike later), or hanging round waiting while they're done.
    Am guessing payment's up front, on the day?
    Saves time and hassle - I like it (y)
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  14. Thanks Nightowl :) Like anything new its slow to take off, but that's OK once they try it they will soon see its a good service.

    Payment via Paypal (in advance), Bank Transfer (in advance) or cash.....all good.
    Mobile EFTPOS is coming but that adds further costs, so I'm not so keen on that.

    Also give me a go at your tyre price, you might be surprised !
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  15. I got my rear tyre changed by MMMTS while the business was still in "set-up" mode. Very happy! :D
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  16. It's great to see a tyre vendor selling tyres (and fitting) at realistic prices and not trying to convince us there's bugger all profit in them. OK, less overheads, I know.

    You've got my vote MMMTS, I hope you do well (y)
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  17. Good to hear! Hope all goes well for you. (y)

    Would you have Pirelli Night Dragon?
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  18. Hey Lazy... I don't keep cruiser tyres because there are way too many of them, but I can get them in ......no problem, just let me know the brand you want and a size.
  19. Will do. Thanks. :)
  20. The time taken for MMMTS's preferred supplier to deliver the special orders is damned good too, so you won't have to wait long for them to come in. (y)
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