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mmmn i love the smell of petrol in the morning....

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ward_4e, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. NOT! this morning on my way in full kit to my pride and joy I noticed a dark spot on the concrete... :eek: The basment carpark generaly smells like exhaust and petrol but today I felt woozy. My TT was the cause.

    After a five second check I'm guessing last night about 500ml to 1L has some how leaked from the efi system driped / run over the engine and onto the ground via the fairing... 3bar efi system something must have let go...

    Now my bike if a fire hazzard as well as looking hot... so today i had to drive the rav4. I'm so ashamed. :cry:
  2. A RAV4? for shame! :p
  3. yeah... well their wasnt a datsun 200b handy.

    Last night for my avid fans out there who are keeping track of my stupidity... (I so need a webcam) I pulled the tank off to take a look. This is a five minute job that took me 2 hours. How much fuel have I lost? well I wont have to degrease the top of the engine any time soon... :roll: wireing and seals look ok but i wont know any dammage until the motor is running again for a while.

    The culprit of the fuel leak was the hi presure line as I suspected there wasn't a nick or cut in the line but a cracked / scored 'o' ring on the quick connector... so a $10k bike off the road leaking like sieve for a 10C part. :furious:

    well now that that was diagnosed I went to put the tank back on... and dropped two bolts. One fell clean trough and out the second disappeared into the guts of the bike. Now I realise the attaction of naked bikes as I had to unbolt 10 fairing bolts to remove the left side fairing to discover nothing...

    why am I so lucky? the other faring came off and in a daze of petrol fuel mental shutdown I found the bolt sitting wedged between the water lines. So with the two hours up I knew the problem, the o ring of doom.... you know these thinks brought down the space shuttle once...

    ok gtg more adventures of stupidity tomorrow as I atempt to fix the o ring
  4. well tip one for sourcing O rings forget OEM Triumph wanted $3.50 each US for thes magical o rings...

    Go to you Bearing supply store take the offending o ring seal etc and aske them to match it... I got four hardenend O rings for a less than a dollar. :wink: