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Mmmmmm yummy nuts!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Peaches, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Now before you guys go “Oh what’s this silly chickadee created now?†STOP! Get your mind out of the gutter.

    This topic is precisely about the title: Yummy nuts. Ground nuts. Tree nuts. Peanuts. Hazelnuts. Brazil nuts. Cashews. Pistachios. Roasted almonds. Caramelised macadamias. ZOMG!

    Do you like nuts? If yes, what kind of nuts do you like – and how? Raw? Roasted? Caramelised? Salted?

    I’ve been having a massive craving for nuts in the last 48 hours and I’m not sure why, must be the cold. But I’ll tell you what I’m going to satisfy it in 10 minutes. If anyone wants to join me (Calling Ktulu!), I’ll be at QVB’s Nutorious in 10 to grab some oh so delicious roasted almonds.

    Soooooo good.

    Anyhoo. I’m off! If anyone’s there I’m in a grey suit with red ballerina flats!

  2. Nuts are ok, but Wasabi Peas are where it's at! Yum!!

    :bolt: :LOL:
  3. Aww NUTS!
    That's too far for me to travel :p
  4. I'm building a file on you. It's progressing rather more quickly than expected.
  5. Gotta have the Wasabi Macadamia's. They kick arse!!

    You can get them from The Nut House online http://www.thenuthouse.com.au

    They have some other interesting stuff as well.


  6. :-# :-# :-# :-# :-#
  7. What do you call nuts on your chin?
  8. I don't know what do you call nuts on your chin?
  9. I'm baaaaaaaack, with nuts! Glorious nuts! I was really naughty and got a small packet of freshly cooked caramelised cashews.

    OH MY GOD. Soooo good yet so evil!!! Bet you guys are jealous! :p

    And Loz - what file???


    ps - er... wasabi macadamias??? That's the first I've heard of it...
  10. A d1ck in your mouth
  11. boom ba boom tish

    I'm so sad that that was my 200th post.
  12. My daughter gave me some of those wasabi pea things once. She offered me to take some from the bag and I asked what they were and she said 'Wasabi peas'...'they're really nice!' So I took a handful and watched as the grin on her face got bigger and bigger... :LOL:

    I'm not a big nut fan - although I do like chocolate coated nuts.
  13. Peaches, you have to try them. If you like spicy foods, these are the business!!

    Order some and your taste buds will thanks you

  14. Do they have them in Sydney??? I don't seem to see them being sold anywhere. And I love nuts - I try to know all the types available in the market.

    Mmmmmmmmmm chocolate coated nuts. So good!

    On another note, I've stopped eating my caramelised cashews. I'm feeling a bit ill now. Nut overload...

    Smee : .......... that was... unexpected...
  15. i love netrider....bored people making threads longer than they deserve.

    and yes..i love nuts too. cashews. and anything roasted/honeyroaste/chilli peanuts ect..

    edit: $34 for a kg of cashews?!?!!?!??!? jesus you could get half a Q of weed for that...if u lived in the western suburbs :bolt:
  16. Wasabi peanuts are better :p

    Though there's a place in WA that does chilli and caramel coated peanuts which are also very nice :cool:. They do offer mail-order to, but I forget their name.
  17. mmmm I like the honey sesame Macadamias from the Nutworks in Yandina
    been buying off them for years and I get the sour cream ones for Phil


  18. Rubbish!

    Nothing is better than Butterscotch peanuts. These guys are the BEST, trust me on this: The Peanut Van .

    They grow these Hi-Oleic peanuts, which doesn't mean anything to me, except they are really LARGE, and JUICY, and all things nice.

    Yes, they do online ordering. Yes, you should get the 'sample pack' - you get one of each flavour. :grin:
  19. I love chilli and lime cashews, they have them at safeway.
    I have tried to replicate them at home, but not very successfull.

  20. Just ordered $80 worth of peanuts. Hope they are good!!!!