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mmmmm thinking...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kingy, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. hay guys

    i am currently ridding a cruiser style bike but have always wanted a sports bike ... i really like the naked style bikes but i am not to fused...

    my problem is that when i was younger i had a dirtbike crash which caused me to break my back and snapped my hips in half... causing me to get 2 hip replacements done at the age of 14... so i always wanted to ride and i always will.. but i found when on my Ls that a sports bike CBR hurt my back and hips to much on long rides (could only ride like 15min at a time)...

    seeing my legs are now full of metal i cant get my legs high enough to chuck over a sports bike seat :( ...... and seeing i am a short ass like 5foot 6/7 i cant reach the ground very well...

    so i ended up getting a cruiser style bike which i can ride for hrs and hrs and not have a problem with pain or anything... but i still feel that something in my life is missing... i think i can find that something in a sports bike...

    i have my full licence and not sure on how many CC...
    but is there a sports bike that would be great for me ??? low seat height and great ridding position ???
  2. You looking at new or used, and what sort of budget?

    Best options I can think of would be either a Ducati Monster 620 or a Moto Guzzi V7 (or the older Breva 750).
    Neither one is particularly sporty in terms of straight line performance, but should still handle corners better than any cruiser.
  3. most likey used as i still wanna keep my cruiser as i do tour alot...

    but just want another fun toy for the twisties...
  4. you can buy lowering links for most sportsbikes now, so seat height shouldn't be much of an issue.. They do affect the handling of a bike but unless you're going to race it, it would be ok.

    Most of the 600's are tiny now with quite narrow seats (compared to my k1 1000), thus making it easier to touch the ground.
  5. sweet cheers mate.. i went and sat on a few CBRs etc etc and can see my self selling it withing a month lol... i might take a look at the MONSTER... cheers guys
  6. If it's a second bike then even though LAMs bikes tend to be slightly overpriced they are also pretty easy to find and generally have a low seat height. So might be worth checking out:
    -Suzuki GS500 (brakes/handling are easy to upgrade)
    -Kawasaki ER-5 (also reasonably easy to upgrade, but less plentiful than the GS)
    -Suzuki GSF250V (about the lowest seat height you'll find on a sporty naked - just be sure to stick to the Aus-delivered models with conventional bars to save your back)
    -Yamaha FZX250 (not that common, especially if you want an Aus-delivered version)

    You could also consider streetfightering a cheap used sportbike - changing the rearsets and bars to suit whatever is comfortable for you.
  7. thanks JD i did like the GS and i have taken them for a spin.. but thought $$$ wise i wasnt getting much of a bike for the money.... might check out the GSF

    if i had the spare cash i would buy an MT01 and lower it with some seat mods to help.. but $$$ i am tight getting married this yr
  8. ....How about a Sports/Tourer?? I ride a Kawasaki ZZR600, it has quite an upright position (unlike the more sporty bikes).. and is also fun to ride :)
    Other bikes fall into this category too.
  9. Mate their are plenty of bikes that would fit without causing pain. I have busted hips and compressed L discs. I rode my Viffer 450k's on Sunday (first big run since buying it in November) and was ready to go more. Meanwhile all my mates on their R1's, bewaahs and ZX's were shaking their wrists and arching thier backs after about 150k's. And if I was on my Duc I would have been too. After about 100k's I usually cant feel my feet.
    I always called the Viffer a gay bike.(still do) But truly, It was not just me that was impressed. The pricks just could not shake me and my gay little friend ha ha.
    But yeah. The VFR, ST3 ZX1400 are all a good buy at 9 grand. If you wait for one to come to you you can get it cheaper. I got my Viffer for 8 grand with 4,000k's on it. They will do 100,000k's trouble free. And punt along any road with the best of them.
  10. BRETT thanks so much mate... thats the kinda review i wanted to here... i might have to go shopping without the misses this weekend :)

    its funny all this week i have been dreamin g in my sleep about R1's
  11. Saw an MT-01 here this morning, and it has a low seat. ;)
  12. If the MT-01 is out of your budget maybe have a look for a grey-import FZX750

    Low seat, and does at least have the engine of a sportsbike.
  13. mmmmmmmm that looks intresting