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Mmmm Leather

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Arik, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Hey Riders,
    Just got a spanking new job, and to celebrate I've gawn and bought myself a 'proper' leather Jacket....Mmmm leather.
    Was in a Dririder before - which was OK, other than the michelin man effect at speed. The new jacket feels much less bulky, isn't as unconfortable in the heat, and gets waaay more attention (isn't that what it's all about anyway??)

    Jacket is a Dainese HF Special Pelle in black...can't find a pic online.
    If you have a spare grand, I highly recommend it.
  2. Nice jacket, well done. :) Now you can ride in style. :grin:
  3. Just did a quick google on Dainese HF Special Pelle this first site I clicked on HERE :LOL: gotta love it, clearly says ladies. OH you will see
  4. A grand!!!! OMFG... nice 1 :)
  5. Noice jacket, WTF ladies jacket it has a bloke advertising it!

    Oh congrats on the new job to mate.
  6. I got the blokes version obviously....
    in blekk.

    Got back from the tax dude yesterday (wearing new jacket)
    and I'm up for over 5 big ones from the gubberment

    There's my cbr600rr upgrade paid for as well
    ahhhhh - its all good.
  7. I see there's a number of jackets in their range with Pelle in their name... I like Argo Pelle - elegant simplicity!
  8. does anyone know what country dainese is manufactured in?? italy yeah??
  9. Japan
  10. is alpinestar manufactured in a midget country coz they're sleeves don't reach my wrists even ones that are too big for me.
  11. I got a custom fit 2 piece suit from Tiger Angel as none of the off-the shelf brands fit my long arms
  12. set you back much??
  13. Leather warning

    I was raised in a conservative family in a conservative neighbourhood.
    My wardrobe consisted of dull greys and browns. If you'd known me in high school, you would've immediately labelled me as a dork.
    I got good grades, i was in the debating team, the church choir & the school band, and i worked on the school newspaper, i was even in the maths club.
    I left high school as a virgin.

    So why now am I wearing a black leather miniskirt and fishnet stockings, holding a peac0ck feather in one hand, and rooting my boss?

    *warning* leather is very mmmmm
  14. Meth? :grin:
  15. For a thousand bucks you could've got a full 2 piece suit...
    Why people fork out money for overpriced Dainese and Alpinestars crap I honestly don't know. The build quality isn't even that great, pales in comparison to TA suits.
    Looks like it doesn't have a zip either so if you decide to do track days you'll have to buy another set of leathers.
  16. Brand..people like those motoGP 'speed humps' as well..eck

    Must be a high paying job ahahha..well done Arik
  17. Flame me, I'm rich right now. Mind you I spent 8 years as a poor student, so I'm due baby. Here are my half-arsed justifications

    I chose the 'expensive brand' jacket because If I'm going to spend anything around 6-700 bucks on a jacket (the non-fancy-branded price range) I may as well get something I really like and not comprmise.

    I could have got a tiger angel set of full leathers for a grand eh? Why spend all that on naff gear? Sorry to those of you with TA gear.

    Dainese is made in the ukraine from the tags. Probably some ex-stalinist gulag full of kazaks forced to work their fingers to the bone just so I can be a fashoinista poser.

    The jacket has zips for pants, so If'n I ever do a track day I'm sorted, thanks the for concern outbreakmonkey - but a safer assumption would have been that I won't ever get to the track cos I'm a dainese wearing, brand-conscious three-inch chicken-strip park-my-bike-on-lygon type wanker.

    Come to think of it I could have spent that money on all kinds of stuff - probably could have sponsored god knows how many starving kids in africa too, or bought that Ivory backsratcher I've had my eye on.

    all this hatin has made me surly, might go and roll around in some money.
  18. :rofl:

    but seriously, there is a certain sportsmart ad that springs to mind :p
  19. I think it is very SLiming Arik :grin:

    Now lets get them scooters in WA
  20. Ades - thanks dude. that's the real reason I got it - the built in corset!

    Bags not having Cal as pillion in WA!