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Mmmm Beer

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by DisgruntledDog, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. #1 DisgruntledDog, Jan 7, 2011
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  2. I don't know about the beer cup filling machine, but I thought this comment below it on the you tube page was pretty on the mark:

  3. that is SO awesome! i watched it over and over again.

    i think all pubs/clubs/bars/taverns etc whatever they're called, need a few of these!!!

  4. Quite so. Bud isn't a beer, it's piss water. I have no idea what Bud Lite is.

    Just knocked the top off a Little Creatures Pale Ale. Now that's a beer.
  5. I love little creatures, but its always just that little more expensive than the Coopers Red, which is what I have in. Speaking of which, I'll should go and grab another now... :beer:

    Do you think the special cups for that, admittedly very efficient, beer pourer-thing-a-me-gig tend to dribble when you get to the bottom of the cup so that you have to do the last three mouthfulls in one go? It looks like its just the weight of the beer holding them in place, which can't be right.
  6. I only drink a half dozen or so beers a week so a few extra bucks doesn't hurt too much.

    Cooper Sparkling is a good drop too.