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mmm...... M109R

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by v8mirage, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Just read the other thread mentioned m109r, and I think I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

    I don't see much 2nd hands around, can someone tell me a little history about this bike? It this a fairly new bike?

    I was planning to get a harley once I pass my restriction, now I'm thinking of getting this instead.... :p

  2. Yes they are fairly new bike. They actually have a sprts bike front end and the early right ups on these were outstanding. They have awesome grunt and handle extremely well for a big cruiser. Do yourself a favour and test ride one, you will not be disappointed.. Give raceway suzuki in Niddrie a call and speak to Brian. Tell him Paul Williams sent you.. :grin:
  3. ive always loved the look of the 109's bar then wierd headlight thing, but i say in some mag that they are bringing out a model with a more traditional headlight and it looks horny as. i love the look of those exhausts :dance:

  4. I have to say I could have it fully done up for the price of a harley as well. Do you guys know how loud is this bike?

    Some say the sound from a harley is too loud and annoying but I say it's an important 'safety' feature where people can hear you're near even if they can't see you.

    I'll have to be off restriction before I can test drive one tho. :oops:

  5. A1 Motorcycles in Brighton had a secondhand one there a few weeks back
    not sure if its still there ....it had an awesome custom exhaust on it also :cool:
  6. AWESOME bikes. There's one that parks up on collin's st (melb) I regularly oogle - very well looked after.

    Have to say I like the look of the C109R more though - I like the traditional looks.
  7. Wow the M109R looks absolutely awesome :D
  8. Peter Stevens in Ringwood had one with 10,000 klms on it, but they were asking too much.
    Having said that, I have promised myself a new one as soon as my finances are in order again.

    Had a 2 hr test ride on theirs, the M50 felt like a 250 when I rode home.

    I just keep telling myself the 109 is only 15 mm wider than the M50. Blue is better than black.
    Anyone wanna take bets on how long before I give in?
  9. Ill give you till mid October Pete... :grin:
  10. Not even sure if I will hang out that long!.

    It is a real bastard being responsible.

    I had the cash put aside, but went and bought an investment unit instead (cashflow positive)

    Want and need are sure two different things!.

    as an aside, now the M50 has 13,000 klms on it, it is a grouse thing to ride. I just want more power!
  11. The M109R.....well let me tell ya, i never test rode one and bought one on sheer looks. And im not dissappointed either. Im still getting used to the seat but. Maybe im just used to riding my blackbird.
    GSXR derived suspension and braking package,1800cc that has more pull than a teenage schoolboy,the black really isnt a black, it has a blue fleck thru it(lovely) a 240 series rear tyre which by the way you can fit a 260 on it but apparently the handling is worse. And yes surprisingly it does handle. Way better than i thought it would.
    I have fitted a JSD unit on it which takes away the standard suzuki ignition retard in 1,2 and 3 gears and gives you nearly another 1000rpm in top, not that ive found out yet. I have also fitted the suzuki sissy bar and rack which is awesome quality but costs nearly a grand all up but i had to have it as the missus loves to go everywhere with me.
    If you dont like drawing attention to yourself or standing out in a crowd or anywhere else for that fact...read these words DO NOT BUY THIS BIKE!!
    even in a bunch of harleys the 9n stands out like dog bollocks.
    Some guys have modified their exhausts but for my liking its fine the way it is. But there are loads of accessories for this "haya-cruiser".
    Once you ride one you will be hooked. I love my 9....cant wait to get back home to ride it again...and again and again and oh well you get the picture.


    as for the C109,it is too much of a hd knock off. The M has its own looks. as for the headlight,i had a look at the new headlight setup and doesnt appeal to me at all and quite a few riders said the same so suzuki are doing kits for them im told.
    visit http://www.m109riders.com for all you wanna know about the mighty M109R.
  12. apparently the new models will hit aust in about 4 weeks, no more of the existing model will be brought in.

    I hope that they are keeping the blue color!.

    I prefer the 'old' headlight treatment. I found no biffetting at ridiculous speeds. I guess it works like a mini fairing.
  13. Mind if I ask for more details about this point? It came across my mind that if I really should get a new bike like this when I just off restriction. Especially a big jump from 250cc to 1800cc, I think this move might put myself in some risk...
  14. The 109 is definately worth a look...
    Be warned... you may get hooked... I did...
    I was going to buy a harley... 1 look at the 109 and the decision was made...
  15. I am guesing the handling issues are to do with the width of the tyre.
    When it squares off, the 'edge' becomes a lip that causes the bike to handle erratically on the edge of the tyre, as it climbs over it.

    A wider tyre is more resistant to turning the bike.
  16. If you require more info, please follow this link


    and you’ll find most questions answered about the 9. I’ve traded an 06 Softail for this beast and NO LOOKING BACK!

    This is a serious cruiser and some of our 9ers take it to the drag strip or track…



  17. That's awesome! Now I have a reason to sign up there since I didn't know they have an Australian section...
  19. Hi GC,

    Unfortunately it wasn’t this John at the track, Mate. I was miles away, but Chris, other John and the boys sure raised some eyebrows with the 9 at EC… They rode like bats out of hell‼! :demon:
    Like the pics coming out of turn and o/taking the SBK. Top shots and top bikes, they are truly a wonderful piece of engineering.





  20. AMCN just named it cruiser of the year.

    I think it got this last year too.

    There are a few issues with them though. Dig deeper, and it seems the dry sump is not all it is cracked up to be.,