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MMA fighter on murder charge

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by The Snow Dog, May 31, 2010.

  1. Wyatt's MMA career was in its earlier stages.

  2. erky perky
  3. Mushrooms dont make you do that.
  4. Bizarre is all I can say
  5. Kinda surprised to find out you can actually tear a man's heart from his chest, I always thought that was a hollow threat.
  6. agreed. almost sounds like a really scum batch of ice or some other prescription items I cant remember names of.
  7. I was thinking similar...surely there must have been a weapon involved?

  8. Mad skills if you could do it though.
  9. Or just a Blunt Spoon...
  10. Do some reading on Psilocybin psychosis if you don't think mushrooms are capable to doing that to people.
  11. Nah, as with most "legit" literature dealing with these lesser known drugs there is a lot of fear and misunderstanding since most people that dabble in it dont tend to be that vocal about it, nor is research ever done on a large enough scale.

    I think it has more to do with the fact he spends his life beating the crap out of others.
  12. I read a more detailed article elsewhere.

    He used a knife first... then reached through the wound. He also cut out the guys eyes and tongue, then burned what he'd ripped out because he thought the guy was the devil and he'd come back to life if he didn't.

    Mushrooms my arse.
  13. WTF?
    There speak the voice of ignorance.
    There are a hell of a lot of drugs that can lead to psychosis.
    This is a well documented fact.
    FFS dope can affect people that way over time.
  14. Pot/kettle.

    Maybe a "hell of a lot of drugs" would drive someone to murder but provide me satisfactory evidence in relation to psilocybin.
  15. You doubt that he was high?
    I almost hope he was high because to think of a person who is normally in a psychotic state like that freaks me out.
  16. In the town i grew up in there was a bloke who put his surfboard through the wall of his bungalow while attempting to stab an alien with it. He was on the shrooms at the time.

    Not long after he sold his mint collection of albums (including rare imports) and became a Hare Krishna. You can't write movie plots that good.
  17. I don't doubt that he was high, but as others have said he probably suffered some form of psychosis.

    Mushrooms may have triggered it but something popped in that guys brain.
  18. And this coupled with a bad trip and possible roid usage?

    Roid rage + violent man + bad trip...

    Correlating being a pro fighter with uncontrolled spats of violence is about as logical as correlating it to mushrooms.

    "CAN" play as a factor, not will.

    Trips are dependent on your preconceived notions of what the drug will do as well as previous dispositions. My thoughts would be that all the factors involved led to the outburst, not one on its own.
  19. This guy was most likely suffering "roid rage" that coupled with any additional hallucinogenic drugs he may have taken would easily explain the hows and whys, no where does it say he ripped his heart out with his bare hands so not sure where that idea came from?