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MM Scrambler

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by JohnG., Nov 16, 2008.

  1. seeing as you have both a "bad" and a "cool" smiley and no text at all, i'm not sure when your point is.

    But I suspect the article sums the bike up pretty well - "not very practical...but certainly very cool."
  2. It is 'twisted evil' and 'cool', which I'd have to agree with. Very nice indeed.
  3. That looks awesome. I don't think it would really excel at anything but who needs practicality when you have style like that!
  4. That's basically the 1200 Sport with a bigger front wheel and chunky tyres. I'd put the 1200 Sport right at the top of my list of most desired bikes, it's an absolute pearler. That engine is the best twin I've sampled.
  5. I think that would break very easily off road... and it has zero protection for the engine cases and exhaust.
  6. I still like the look of this bike, but it certainly reminds me of a cafe racer style ie looks great, but thats about it.
  7. I want this bike so much. Purely for looks. Wouldn't want to test it offroad - too pretty and breakable. But for looks - ooh yeah I want it.
  8. That's a great looking bike and one I'd be happy to have in my stable, to look at and to ride. Whether I'd take it "scrambling" is another matter.
  9. The look reminds me of a Ducati Monster with knoblies... another one for the "why did they bother" category ;)
  10. Hmmm,Yup Cool,but not that practical...
    Btw,Just wondering if the MM Importer is back on his feet after GE Credit pulled the plug,a while back...??
  11. Oh holy lord god YES!!!

    My old man just yesterday asked me what a scrambler was i told him

    "it was back from the times where men were men and motocross was called scrambles" :LOL:

    Bike is horn and id do light trail work with it