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mm away from death!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kursed, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. exciting title huh?
    This morn I was coming over the bridge from city (syd harbour br.) travelling near a guy on a cb250 or similar with a bright orange helmet...

    We were scooting along through slower traffic and I think he decided the far right lane was going his way when it was actually for traffic coming the other way (they change it every morn to control traffic flow in each direction). No cars where coming head on at the time he pulled out there and quick as a flash 3 cars pulled out too and began following him, for the remainder of the bridges length before they all gradually realised and began veering crazily back into the traffic.

    I saw one or 2 cars coming the opposite way go to pull out and wrench the wheel back in again as they saw an oncoming biker shaking his fist at them ... too bad your in the wrong fuggin lane buddy. He rode past a grand total of 3 massive bright red crosses indicating the lane was for oncoming traffic...

    Majorly surprised but glad I didn't see some kid get flattened today.
    Got to keep those eyes open in the morning eh!
  2. Wheeeee!

    The dopey ****.
  3. The Road Toll employs quite a few people, worldwide. They pay off their homes, and put their kiddies through school, so you just be bloody grateful that the raw materials needed are never in short supply.
  4. Oh brother...the worst part is sitting there on your bike powerless to do much at all, and just waiting for the worst to happen right in front of you...
    Yeah...scary! :shock:
  5. Fark i hate stories like this....

    Morning is the worst time of day to ride, unless your out in a quiet stretch of road by yourself. But city riding is BAD...

    Everyone is still either asleep, thinking about how shit work is, thinking about something besides work or all of the above and everyone is in a rush and its mayhem!

    Thats wat i love about my job i start at 1pm every day, traffic isn't as hectic!
  6. I'll admit I did a similar thing once. There's a set of lights on the princess hwy (Sydnham?) that allow two lanes to turn right during peak hour by using those movable batons and green arrow and red xs.

    Went through the intersection every morning without trouble. One morning I went to work a bit later and didn't spot the red x. I was so used to the intersection, I never look for it.

    Figured it out when some cars flashed their lights at me.
  7. Airport tunnel

    This morning on the way home, the RTA employees didn't change (forgot?) the long moveable lane barrier around the airport tunnel (there's no other indication as to which direction gets to use the lane). Drivers in both dir's were using the lane, and unsurprisingly, there was an acco.

    If that was me, I'd sue so hard I'd earn a law degree.
  8. Re: Airport tunnel

    yay :roll:
  9. So you work for the RTA then? :grin:
  10. nope, not ever!