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MLC Nonna

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by julia, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. As a very fresh newbie I'm overwhelmed by the amazing community that exists in the 2 wheeled world.

    I'm having a nice little MLC (mid life crisis) of the best kind. I took myself off to do my L's and on the 2nd afternoon went on and did the DKT. All happy.

    Next I wanted to find the sort of bike that would be right for me.

    I sat on lots of bikes one Saturday morning, probably annoying all the sales guys as I was never going to buy new.
    I then found my ride a Suzuki GS500. i know they don't make the GS500 anymore. So 2nd hand market was for me.

    Faired or unfaired was the biggest dilemma but it came down to affordability and availability. I just couldn't wait to get on a bike. So I found a 2013 Suzi F that hadn't quite done 4000km, was only first registered in Aug of 2014 and was still under warranty all for $5K. Oggy knobs were an added bonus I was to find out.

    Yep I have fallen over with her twice in these last 2 weeks of riding (been on the bike all of 14 days now) I've learnt that the camber of the road can be very nasty and i must bring the revs up to get going on a hill.

    So my awesome cousin rode the bike home for me the day I got it. Then it was my turn to finally get out of 2nd gear. Damn that didn't take long, I was off! and haven't looked back.

    My first trip out the next day was to do about 200km on my own, going through Church Point, Akuna Bay and West Head.
    Then going round and doing it all again! Lots of learning, but done in my own headspace and timing. I was treated to that beautiful view at West head. I'd forgotten how good it was up there.

    So today is the first day I cant get on my bike, no storage on board means cleaning out the desk for Christmas break I had to drive the car. grrrr.

    I'm also waiting on the arrival of my 2nd grandchild so stay tuned for the news.

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  2. Welcome Julia, sounds like the start of a lovely love affair. Enjoy the journey.
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  3. Welcome and enjoy your new wheels! Plenty of MLC going on in this forum!
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  4. Hello Julia and welcome to a passion that never dies
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  5. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
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  6. Hello juliajulia, welcome to NR and the life on two wheels! I'm a new rider too, and am suffering from MLC syndrome as well :p Nice choice of a bike, enjoy and stay upright!
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  7. Hey there juliajulia welcome and enjoy your new found obsession. Slow and steady, the tar is a hard master!!!
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  8. Welcome juliajulia and just remember to enjoy yourself
    A few folk live over your way so there are likely some riding buddies in your future.
    Watch out for those lunatic bush turkeys on the road out to West Head but yep the view is divine.
    Looking forward to hearing about your new addition and the number 2 grandchild ;)
  9. Welcome to NR...
  10. Welcome Julia good to see you've tackled it head on. It inspires confidence :)
  11. welcome to Netrider Julia! :happy:
  12. POst up a bit more juliajulia you need to interact a bit with the site before it will upgrade your account to full member status. Welcome by the way. Have you been out on the bike a bit?
  13. G'day juliajulia, suprising how many late comers there are to bike riding, heaps of girls having MLC (and they say it doesn't happen, ha) enjoy, plenty of knowledgeable people here that are happy to help out, and as soon as you can we need pics (y)
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  14. Welcome along. Don't sweat your mid-life crisis, I started mine at 19 and it's just hitting its stride now at 52 for me.

    Kudos on the riding and choice of bike, well done! now just enjoy it as much as you can.

    Motorcycle riders are a pretty good crowd, very helpful and mutually supportive.
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  15. Congratulations on the motorcycle front and welcome to NR. What a joy it is to have little one around and it will not be long before you will have two little ones to love.
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