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Mladin marches on

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. In all the hoo-hah about the MotoGp at Laguna Seca, it might have been overlookd that the races were supported by the AMA Superbike races in the absence of the 125's and 250's.

    Matt Mladin finished 2nd to Ben Bostrom to further increase his lead over Ben Spies, his Yoshimura Suzuki teammate who finished 4th.

    Superbike Race

    E Bostrom
    M Mladin 6secs
    A Yates 7.7secs
    B Spies 9.3secs
    J Zemke 14.5secs
    M Duhamel 18.4secs
    Ku Roberts

    Superbike Points

    Mladin 358
    Spies 327
    Yates 294
    E Bostrom 268
    Hodgson 249
    Duhamel 229
    Zemke 212
    Craggill 206
    Acree 192
    Rapp 188

    The Aussie looks destined for another championship if this trend continues.
  2. Names on the list

    Some good names on that list, Roberts, DuHamel, Pridmore, brings back memories of their great dads for those old enough to recall! (Good to see an Aussie spanking them too.....wonder how Matt would have gone against them?) :)