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MKTG101, ACST101, ECON111, PSY122 Textbooks!

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by ad91on, Dec 14, 2011.

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  1. Hello there, avid Netrider,

    For sale is this lovely, virtually untouched collection of textbooks suitable for those of you attending a facility for the furthering of one's elementary education.

    1 x Microeconomics 6E + Reading Between the Lines 9E [PACKAGE]
    Author: McTaggart + Snelling
    Publisher: Pearson Education
    ISBN: 9314994244649
    RRP: $140.09
    Course Code: ECON111
    Subject Code: Microeconomic Principles

    My Price: $100 - Literally never opened.

    1 x Marketing (Text) + EBook + Marketing ISG + Marketing Mistakes & Successes 11E (Text) [PACKAGE]
    Author: Elliott + Hartley
    Publisher: John Wiley
    ISBN: 9780730300755
    RRP: $164.95
    Course Code: MKTG101
    Subject Code: Marketing Fundamentals

    My Price: $110 - Used a handful of times.

    1 x Mathematics of Finance (Custom book) 2E + Financial Markets Essentials 1E [PACKAGE]
    Author: Knox + Viney
    Publisher: McGraw Hill
    ISBN: 9780071014663
    RRP: $154.95
    Course Code: ACST101
    Subject Code: Techniques And Elements Of Finance

    My Price: Both books for $100.

    1 x Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology
    Author: McQueen and Knusson
    Publisher: Pearson Education
    ISBN: 9780131249400
    RRP: $107.24
    Course Code: PSY122
    Subject Code: Design & Statistics I

    My Price: $80, barely used.

    Feel free to make offers, and if you buy multiples I will be very reasonable with price. Can post, but would prefer pick up. If you want postage, be prepared for the complete denial of any attempts at haggling. Books can be picked up from Fairlight, near Manly.

    Will also consider trading them for a Land Rover Defender crew cab with the TD5 Engine, or for a small speedboat of some description.


    Perhaps, if your kids or cousins or whatever the hell are doing a business degree, they may be interested?

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  2. throw a shotgun or baseball bat to the head in and i might be interested
  3. i'll give you a baseball bat to the head for free
  4. thats if you can find your key
  5. Sorry, I already used all my shotguns and baseball bats in statistics last semester.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.