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Mixing tyres??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. OK the rear is gooooooooone so I need a new one, what are the implications of mixing tyres as I don't want the same ones again? I have Bridgestone BT014's now, and would like to put something like a Qualifier on the rear, what effect will this have on the bike? Do I really need to change both?

    Does anyone want to buy a BT014 front to solve my dilemma? :grin:
  2. If the tyres are of similar compunds (ie both soft, medium hard or whatever) I don't see a problem.
    Even if they aren't, it could only be a factor till you get used to the different handling at whichever end of the bike.
    Mind you, in my opinion, even having a new Brand X on one end and an old Brand X on the other end can cause handling differences, due to tread squirm, different compounds exposed on teh new Vs old tyre etc.
    I think the whole one brand, one type warning originated on the 70's when radials came out, and a radial and a bias ply can cause some fun times. Today I think so long as they're both the same construction, you'll be fine.
    I run a D 205 on the rear and a barracuda on the front, on the Z, I ran a Barracuda front and a Michelin front (yes I know!) on the rear for a short time.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. i dont see a major problem with it on both my bikes i have different tyres front and back with no dramas got a maxxis supermax on the front and a pp on the back

    battleaxe on the front of the gs and some sort of mitchlin on the back
  4. I think itd be ok...aslong as your not riding track day fast. Normal street should be no problems, unless you ride superfasstt on your local twisties.
  5. Incidentally Triway I think you're going about it backwards. Why have a soft rear and a harder front? Back tyres just wear out, it's much more important to have a grippy front. I'd put the matching 014 on, they're not a bad tyre and they'll outwear a qualifier.
  6. Sometimes you don't get a choice; I have a BT-020 on the rear, but Bridgestone don't make a BT-20 in 16" size, so I run a (softer) BT-014 on the front. It seems to work well; (just need to upgrade the rider :LOL:)
  7. Generally mixing tyres from the same general series is ok, but yes the softer, grippier tyre should normally be on the front.

    Otherwise you can make your bike prone to front end loses (normally lowsides) when pushing hard.

    If the back lets go (due to a harder compound) then it's normally fairly standard to just ride around it... the front is considerably harder to catch.
  8. Yeah but the front doesn't need replacing, the back does. I may just replace it with another BT014 if they have one there tommorrow. They have been pretty good I guess.

    Maybe I should just trade it in on a 2007 model with new tyres :grin:
  9. HAH, nice work if you can get it!! Like the Texas oil millionaire who sold his Cadillac because the ashtrays were full!!

    A BT-014 will wear a little quicker on the rear than will a BT-020, but the BT-020 will give you pretty good grip anyhow. Why not try a 20 on the rear?
  10. If you want a good tyre put a metzler m3 on the rear and when your front is gone put a m3 on the front.I am getting 8000 ks out of the rear on a zx9r :grin: Soft sides hard centre :grin:
  11. Cant remember which tyres I used, but they were different brands (metzeler and bridgestone I think) but they rode very differently. I had used all the rubber on the rear (no chicken strips) but the front had about an inch either side, as the tyre was pitched differently. When I matched the Metzeler's, front and back, the problem was solved and was using all of my tyres surface.
    I would go and get two, if your going hard, or get as close to similair specs to the matching set. It aslo might matter how worn the front is, as this will probably change the pitch angle/rate of the bike.