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Mixing tyres

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Smokae, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. So it has come to my attention that I have just .5mm-1mm left above the wear bar on my front tyre, whereas the rear has 2-3mm left, lots of life in it, I think.

    I have Michelin Pilot Powers. If I replace the front with a different brand, am I asking for trouble? I don't know yet if I want to replace the rear knowing it still has life on it :S
  2. Theres no instantaneous problem with mismatching tyres that I can think of. The most common thing I've seen on large sports bikes is soft high grip tyres up front and dual compound touring tyres on the back so that they last about the same time before replacement.

    It wouldn't hurt to get other opinions on the specific brands together, like asking the shop before you request it, but I don't think it would matter at all.

    Another thing - If the tyre is relatively new and just worn fast (from lots of riding) chances are you can get good grip from it right down to hitting the belts, however I certainly wouldnt recomment going quite that far.
    Just saying its still safe to push into the wear markers before you take it off for replacement
  3. I mix and match all the time. Generally the same brand and type work best together but a transition period is not going to cause a crash.
  4. What were you thinking of going to?
  5. Wot ibast said. Until relatively recently, I hardly ever had a matched pair on anything I owned, being reliant on what was in the bargain rack at my local wreckers (dead men's tyres as my dad used to call them :D). Whilst I can't claim that any of my bikes handled optimally, they were never nasty due to the mismatch.

    Just don't mix a front radial with a bias rear and you'll be fine.
  6. as long as you keep to the same size, and don't go for a near race tyre compound at one end and a touring brick at the other there's no reason you shouldn't mix brands that I can think of
  7. I usually have different tyres (brand/style/compound) on my bike. I generally have a sports-touring tyre like a PR2 or Roadtech Z6 on the back and an M1 (M3) or Pilot power on the front. The only issue I've had is coming up with the money to change 2 tyres at the same time.

    At the moment I've got PR2's on front and rear. First time in over 8 years I've had matching tyres the bike.

    One thing I have been told is not to put a touring touring tyre on the front and a sports tyre on the back. Apparantly (could be wrong only what I was told by a tyre bloke) it upsets the handling, a lot.
  8. always have the 'grippiest' tyre on the front.... you might be lucky to catch the rear if it slides, but the front......
  9. I also mix and match but go with the recommendation of the guy who does my tyres. He mutters about profiles and things.
  10. Thanks for your opinions guys.

    The bike is relegated to pretty much very short commuting trips and more extended (90% of the kms) twisties.

    I think I might just replace both as I have no idea what type of tyre, whether sport or touring, these michelins are.