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Mixing Petrol (91 with BP Ultimate)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by mugen86, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. I'm thinking about filling up a tank full of Ultimate to clean the engine. What would happen if I were to mix 2 different types of petrol? Will the engine use up all of the 91 standard and then the higher quality petrol? Or will the petrol mix together?

  2. :shock: :LOL: :roll:

    they will mix together.
  3. OH you'll be fine as long as your bike is not a Honda CBR250rrrrr, sorry you will have no problems as long as it is not diesal
  4. Mugen, is this a genuine question?

    The difference between 91 vs 98 RON are additives and the actual blend of hydrocarbons. You won't hurt the bike mixing the two. The bike will happily burn the resulting 9X RON rating cocktail.... unless of course you ride silk smooth roads and have silk smooth controls such that the fuels do seperate out per JD's note... then you'll have a reserve of 98RON...


    Hey, there's plenty of stuff in here about premium fuels... perhaps do some searches and reading before asking the next question - save yourself some exposure...

  5. This topic has just brightened my day lol!
  6. Man this is my first time in a motorised vehicle of any kind. :p

    I know nothing about petrol or how it works. I don't want to make any assumptions either on how an engine would react to inconsistent fuel.
  7. Better safe than sorry dude.

    Once you ride out of the city, you will often need fuel and find the isolated servo has a limited choice to chose from. As long as you avoid the Diesel and I also always avoid the ethanol based petrol as well (usually called e10 or something like that) you'll be right.
  8. Welcome to Netrider, where the innocent are made to feel guilty while the guilty proclaim their innocence.

    All the best

    And keep asking questions - there is always someone who will be kind. ;-)


    Trevor G
  9. Mugen, perhaps the hazing was a little unkind but take it in good cheer and it'll be fine.

    Do try and make use of the search function though... the "old" timers like to help those that at least make an attempt to help themselves... if there's no attempt, then you're fair game.

    If this truly is your first kind of motorised transport, I strongly suggest you spend time searching for and reading about "road craft" in here and on the net, and also have a gander at the beating the odds link in my sig.


    Oh and only pay heed to Trevor G when he's talking mechanical stuff... ;)
  10. :rofl:

    Sorry dude but that made me laugh!!!

    To break it down a little for ya...

    1) Get an empty glass

    2) Pour half a cup of water in the empty glass

    *Observe and note changes*

    3) Pour half a cup of Milk in the empty glass

    *Observe and note changes*

    Hint: If a substance (A) is thicker than substance (8) then neither of the subtances will dissolve in one another.

    tamarasue wrote:

    True that... but it still made me laugh.

    BTW: hope this experiment helped…
  11. Viscosity of water = 1
    Viscosity of ethylene glycol antifreeze = 16.1
    Must be impossible for them to mix then, good thing I bought an oil-cooled motorcycle. :p

    In fact by that logic even hot and cold water wouldn't mix.
  12. SSSHHHHHHH....

    you know what i mean :p